Thursday, October 26, 2017


PON weather. Clear and bright with a touch of morning fog in the valleys. Looking out from the top of the ridge we can, just, see Spain on the horizon. The PONs sit by me as we discuss world affairs. Sophie, who usually wanders off in search of something to eat or bark at, is in one of her attentive moods. She leans into me as I talk. The young garagiste on his motorbike, two farmers in white vans and the man in his large green Toyota Land Cruiser with the Westie in the passenger seat pass us and wave.  Bob is told this is 'his country'.

After a walk down to the stream the PONs are loaded into the car and driven back to the village. Somewhere between the stream and the road Sophie has found something 'disagreeable' to roll in.  We return home with all the windows down.

In the village work has started on turning The Very Old Farmers vineyard into a car park. The old mans son has sold it to the village for the princely sum of $3,000.  He could have sold it for more to someone who wanted to build a house on it but that would have required some degree of industry and an element of patience. 

Why a village of 67 souls should want a car park is a mystery.

A group of pilgrims wanders by. Bob watches them from his stump seat. Sophie settles down for a doze. '' Who's bothered about pilgrims when you can have a nap ? " her motto of the day. Yesterday there was a constant stream of visitors bringing chrysanthemums to the churchyard for All Saints. More can be expected today. Bob will observe them all.

The Women's Cooperative ladies progress slowly. They should finish the drawing room today. The wallpapering of the '' snug " has been put on hold due to the discovery of a fault in the paper. New paper will need to be ordered. '' Why didn't you check it when it arrived ? " asks the lead paperer. Angus silently wonders how many people open up wallpaper rolls to look for imperfections.

Through it all Bob maintains a watchful guard on the house and its occupants. This is undoubtedly shaping up to be a day of high adventure. Quite possibly the best day ever. Sophie may not agree. The pungent aftermath of her roll in the silage means that she will be getting a long and thorough B-A-T-H.


WFT Nobby said...

The car park is clearly for the glut of tourists who have heard the rumour that Angus was considering purchase of the Star Shower Slide Show equipment,,,

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
...LOL...Gail's got it sussed! Good luck with the *baffin*... YAM xx

Coppa's girl said...

Yet again Bertie's right ! That car park can't come a moment too soon ! It won't be long before visitors from all points of the compass will be booking trips to see the wonders of the Star Shower Slide Show, at The ROF. Will 'The Font' be providing snacks?
Sighing over that first photo - Bob's country is indeed beautiful - what a lucky boy...

Unknown said...

Hopefully Sophie hasn’t been napping on the newly available mattress and bedding in her current aromatic state.