Saturday, November 18, 2017

A charmer with the ladies.

Bob is happy. There is no surprise in this. Bob is always happy.

Sophie is also happy. Demonstratively so.

The source of the PONs happiness can perhaps be traced to the fact that Loic has shown up to blow leaves. The PONs follow on behind him leaping in and out of the piles as they go. Thanks to the noisy leaf blower Loic is gloriously oblivious to the shrieks of delight emanating from his two canine companions.

Loic is going back into hospital on Monday. The matron of his home will drive him there in her car. '' I must be at the hospital by eight '' he informs me with a serious frown . He'll be there until Friday afternoon for more tests. The French Republic looks after Gods happy ones well. Loic tells me he will have a room to himself. It seems the nurses are kind and they give him ice cream with every meal. '' If they put a tube down me I get extra ice cream ". His mother is in a ward at the same hospital but he doesn't mention this.

Bob and Angus head off to the picture framers. The framer has made a frame for our Roman saint. It is decidedly un-Presbyterian. Bob explores the back of the framers workshop.

On the way back home we see a truck hauling a large catamaran on its trailer. The boat sticks out a good metre on either side. Can it be legal ?

The Beaujolais Nouveau has arrived in the supermarket. They have a rose version. This must be a new development. We are not tempted to buy a bottle.

At the cafe Angus gets a croissant which he shares with his furry companion. Bob gets a bowl of water which he slurps. This noise makes the girl behind the counter laugh. She brings him some choux pastry crumbs. I tell him he's a charmer with the ladies. None of the other patrons seem to think it unusual that a foreigner is talking to his dog. Or, if they do, they don't show it.


Coppa's girl said...

What a wonderful home you have with two happy PONs.
I've heard someone comment that it's only not legal if they catch you ! Quelle horreur - imagine being stuck behind that for hours !
Hope all goes well for Loic next week - he's certainly being well looked after.

Poppy Q said...

Mmmm those apple tarts look tasty. Life must be good with two happy pons.

Swan said...

God Bless Loic🍁

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
...yes, but what are the green mounds with choco drizzle??? Sending out some ether-heal to Loic.

In a cobwebbed part of the brain there is recall of one of those ubiquitous cookery shows I'm inclined to have droning in the background; must have been last season. The discussion was about the rose Beau-Nou. That same darkened memory suggests the conclusion was it would serve well at a continental breakfast. As a tea-totaller, will have to leave it at that. YAM xx

BaileyBobSouthernDog said...

The colors surrounding your Roman Saint are glorious! But, when I saw the frame memories washed over me. The year was 1969. Just married, living in an apartment, with a few pieces of furniture, nothing on the walls. When I found a frame, similar to yours, it was love at first sight. It was marked down to twenty five dollars, half the original price. The only thing in my favor was it had been a special order, not a standard size. I visited it often. When I had saved the asking price, it came home with me. Over the years it has displayed many a print. Now it holds a mirror, fittingly to reflect its past. I love it still. Oh, the unexpected things we remember! May blessings be with Loic during his hospital stay.

Taste of France said...

We are on the route for convois exceptionels and regularly see yachts (and trams, for a while they were for Montpellier but lately they are written with identifiers for Istanbul). They do back up the traffic.

Unknown said...

The painting in its new frame is beautiful.
Bob and Sophie are adorable. Look at those expressions!

MOPL said...

The patience of Loic. The dynamic duo clearly enjoy his work and want him to stay longer so they make more work for him. Hope all goes well at hospital for him.