Thursday, November 30, 2017


The PONs return from their St.Andrews Day walk to the waterfall and are loaded into the back of the car. Bob takes his place on the right. Sophie on the left. This morning ' tweets ' have been the subject of Bob and Angus's storm drain conversation. Who could possibly benefit when NATO's two closest allies fall out ?

Sophie has been busy searching for moles on the river bank.

She wears her mud caked inquisitiveness with pride.

The family diva is unloaded from the car and given a thorough muzzle clean with a warm flannel. Bob also gets out of the car. On the lane outside the two tykes head off to school and shout out ' woof-woof ' as they pass the gate. Getting the PONs back in to the car has to wait until the school bus and the two delightful brothers have gone.

Later we go to the hardware store. The projectors that we saw in the Walgreens in DC have made their way to France. They project Christmas trees and Santas and other festive images onto your outside wall. In Walgreens they were $30 or so. Here they're close to three times that.

In the greengrocers cranberries appear.

When was the last time you heard a mandolin being played ? Who ever knew the Dutch had a National Mandolin Orchestra ? :


  1. The fact the projectors have shown up in your local hardware store seems proof that markets still sometimes function efficiently - it was obvious to me when you first discovered them in Walgreens that this device is a perfect fit for your small, but ever so colorful, village!

  2. Mlle Sophie looks a little worse for wear today. could you imagine the fun in the Village with the projector..... I can see the mayor organising movies

  3. If only one could just ignore Trump. Pleased to report that his promotion of hatred between groups was not showing evidence of success in my part of the world yesterday, where at a post-meeting lunch at Total the participants, a veritable UN convention comprising technical professionals from France, Pakistan, Mexico, Scotland, England, Ireland, India, Iran and Slovenia, enjoyed a lively and congenial discussion about Yuval Noah Harari's 'Homo Sapiens'.
    Cheers! Gail (about to take Bertie for his morning walk in snowy Duthie Park).

  4. The projectors have arrived here in Australia, too. Where it's light until about 9 and hot. Somehow, snowmen are just wrong. Love Sophie's nose.

  5. Love the mandolin orchestra. One of my high school friends, in the '70s, played mandolin, but rather than Vivaldi, leaned toward Alice Cooper. It was quite unusual on the mandolin.

  6. Are you sure that Sophie's mud caked face isn't just part of her beauty routine?

  7. Who knew the Dutch grew cranberries?
    Give Trump enough time, and he'll manage to alienate us from many of our allies. There is frequent discussion these days about his mental state.

  8. If you enjoy the mandolin, may I suggest Bach Trios played by Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, and mandolinist Chris Thile? It’s excellent.

  9. Don't purchase the lights. A neighbour has them and they make the house look itchy.

    1. They are on the vetoed list. Their arrival in the village would have brought the traffic, such as it is, to a halt.

  10. I agree about the lights being put on the vetoed list. Besides, I don't think you want to detract from the Old Farmer's Christmas star.

  11. Ha ha it looks like Sophie had a great time in the mud looking for moles!! (Although I must admit I'm not sure what moles are.. I don't think we have them where I live...)
    Lots of licks, your new friend Morrie!