Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Firmly closed.

Sophie has been sleepwalking again. This morning I find her tucked up by the table in the library. She's sound asleep and would remain that way were it not for the arrival of her master and her brother. She keeps her eyes firmly closed and hopes we'll go away. Bob sits on her. Sophie gets up.

After a trip to the cafe for a shared croissant and a bowl of water we return home. We've gone in the big car. Sophie isn't keen on the big car. It has a power tail gate that, with the press of a button, glides silently downwards. What kind of weird stuff is that ? she seems to say.

A walk down to the stream. The ground soft underfoot. The PONs appear then disappear into the landscape.  Angus catches sight of waving tails. For humans the daily routine of walk, cafe, bakers, walk prescribes a small unexciting world. For the PONs it's a universe of roiling high adventure. Today is undoubtedly the best day ever.

A display of brightly coloured 'Old Nick' cocktails in the supermarket. Did the marketing man call them that knowing what it means in English ? Wry humour ?

The ever shrinking English section of the International Foods aisle has Harry Potter jelly beans. Angus can't remember the last time he had a jelly bean. Perhaps as you get older your yearning for them disappears. There again perhaps it might be because the jelly bean is a hard to find exotic substance in deepest France profonde.

Father Christmases have appeared.

A review of a Scottish hotel in Les Echos. Balayees inlassablement par les vents a much more romantic way of saying pounded by the wind.

This was arguably the most 'psychedelic' piece of bagpipe music ever performed :


WFT Nobby said...

That library looks a lovely place to sleep.
Actually Gail agrees.
Toodle pip!

Coppa's girl said...

I don't know if I'd have time to sleep in the library - I'd be too busy reading all those books.
Don't you sometimes wish that you were a PON, so that everyday could be a best day ever?

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Due to recent family gathering for a special concert, I had to sleep on the dining room floor. Does this beat you paws-down, Mlle Sophie???

Angus, (would share this privately, but I see no contacts box here); regarding modern Scottish use of bagpipes, I wonder if you have come across Martyn Bennett (dec'd)? He composed the music played at the opening of Scottish Parliament in 1999 (Mackay's Memoirs) which is fantabyoulush! Here is a link also to the his first album. I have a feeling you will enjoy it.

The relevance of Martyn to our family is that my late niece, the Maestro shared music time with him at Broughton Music School. She had her own strong following and this article is an independent view of her talent, so you know it is not just the ravings of a proud aunty! Apologies for the lengthy comment and the many links, but I felt you would be interested. YAM xx

Taste of France said...

Everyone knows a library is the best-smelling room in the house, even better than the kitchen, whose odors lose appeal after they've hung around too long. But maybe PONs don't appreciate the perfume of the page.
The plains east of Toulouse have been balayƩes inlassablement the past few days, to the point of making the house shudder--no small feat since the walls are of stone a good meter thick. Today the wind is from the south, and much more gentle, and the sky is pure blue.

MOPL said...

I want your library. I wonder what Sopie was reading when she dropped off to sleep again.

Morrie Major said...

Oh dear, poor sleep-walking Sophie! But she looks so comfy in that amazing library of yours!
Lots of licks, your good friend Morrie :)