Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Sophie smells Bolognaise sauce and makes a bee line for the kitchen.

She maintains a proprietorial interest in what's going on while hoping her brother will go far away.

Bob wonders why Bolognaise sauce takes so long to prepare. He'd be happy to have it now.

Among the mornings e-mails an invitation to the opening of a Korean Fried Chicken restaurant in San Francisco. '' Chicken as you've never known it " says the spiel. What new can you do to fried chicken ?

Winter has arrived in our little touch of paradise. The outside taps are lagged. Logs are chopped into stove sized pieces and stored in the barn. Despite the chill wind the roses are blooming as if it's mid-summer. Bob and Angus sit on the storm drain and put the world to rights. Two Saudi Princes have died in the last 24 hours, which is unusual. 

The PONs and their master head off for a long walk in the afternoon sun. Both the dogs coats are in their winter growing stage. Sophie's, I could swear, sprouts in front of my eyes.  Bob finds a truly interesting stick which he refuses to share with his sister. Sophie finds a squashed toad. They watch the buzzards. Every so often the two of them take off and career down the track - ears flapping - in pursuit of something invisible. 

By the waterfall the young cows wander over to say hello. Bob, who is fearless, would be more than happy to saunter into the middle of the herd for a chat but is dissuaded from doing so. Sophie positions herself, bravely, behind my left knee.

After a two hour walk the angelic duo remember that there's Spaghetti for dinner. What started off as the best day ever is maturing into a vintage day.


MOPL said...

love the quizzical look on Bobs face and Mlle Sophies sideways glances. I gather warning to her brother that the sauce is hers and hers alone.

WFT Nobby said...

Bolognaise sauce sounds good to us!

Taste of France said...

Methinks the inhabitants of the ROF eat extremely well.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari om
I wouldn't mind a vintage day... YAM xx

OJ said...

New fried chicken eatery in SF ... hmmmm - KJ-u takes on KFC?

Swan said...

I didn’t realize the Pons got heavier coats in winter..my horses’ coat has gone from silk to velvet .

Emm said...

Sophie does excellent side-eye: "That's *mine*, and don't you forget it."
The cheery color in your kitchen is much appreciated today, where it's dreary grey and rainy. It compensates for a lunch menu far inferior to yours.