Monday, May 7, 2018

Back to our routine.

Sophie up early this morning. She sits in the courtyard and waits impatiently for her brother. He is inside checking the kitchen floor for yogurt.

On the other side of the lane the wheat, which has done nothing all year, has put on a foot in growth in the four days we've been away.

By the time the sun is up Angus and the PONs have walked to the crossroads, said hello to the horses, observed the six donkeys and greeted another group of calves that have entered the world overnight. The usual cast of characters pass us. The farmer in the Toyota with the frenetic Westie, the young garagiste in his go-faster black Citroen and a variety of farmers in white vans. All wave. Bob and Angus sit on the storm drain and discuss world affairs. Sophie alternates between glaring at a pair of collar doves and searching for savoury badger poo in the drainage ditch. There was a time when routine was a word to be sneered at, now there's something strangely reassuring about it.

After five minutes or so Sophie remembers it's breakfast time so we head home at a rapid clip. Sophie takes the lead.

After breakfast the PONs race to the front door and wait impatiently to get in the car. The best day ever awaits. If in the far distant future a younger Angus ever reads this blog then remember one thing -  share in your dogs enthusiasm. It will be the best day ever - rain or shine.

This is purely fortuitous:
After all what's intellectually wrong with watching a puppy and an ice cube on a Monday morning ? And this is when a dog does its duty :

These are clever :

For some reason I'd filed this under the title ' A PON morning '. A mistake ? Perhaps not. If the angelic duo could sing, they'd sing like this :


  1. I trust Angus and Bob sorted out the UK's relationship Customs Union when at the storm drain?
    Oh well - good to see the favourite ROF routines are back in place.

    1. Bobs view - as with so much in life - is don't change a thing.

  2. Hari om
    As you and the PONs are part of our routine, thsre is much to be said for it! YAM xx

  3. That wheat photo looks like a painting by Jules Breton.

  4. I'm not sure I'd share Inca's enthusiasm today. My neighbours are having huge trees cut down in their garden, and my driveway is being used to park the "Cherry Picker" to access some of the trees. Inca has run up and down the hallway, then outside to the gate to the drive, and barked her best "See 'em off" bark! It's rare there is such excitement here, so she's making full use of those vocal cords ! Definitely the very best day in a long time.
    Love the puppy with the ice cube - it's adorable ! Not sure about the PON's and Nelson Eddy - something a little more trendy perhaps?

  5. "Checkin' the kitchen floor for yogurt..." I like yogurt! You think there might be some on my kitchen floor, too? Is this a kitchen floor phenomenon I didn't know 'bout? I'm gonna go check. Be right back. purrs