Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Pause, howl then leap.

It rains heavily all day apart from lengthy periods when the rain forms downpours of biblical proportions. On the lane the area between the two sleeping policemen fills with water - a phenomenon the PONs find compellingly interesting. Sophie runs backwards and forwards through the newly formed lake discovering she can create a bow wave. 

The village green looking very ..... green. The four standard roses that have been planted round the war memorial doing their best to bloom but the wind and rain keep tearing off the petals.

The swaying Jesus is not leaning as badly as the conversation with the mayor might have suggested. The problem comes when it tilts forward and the upright beam presses against the brickwork. The stone capping's have been displaced by the movement and the back wall is starting to bulge. An emergency village council meeting will be arranged.

Sophie hunts for toads - dead or alive - round the village pond.

She can be a highly entertaining companion. Her hunting technique - pause, howl then leap - may not be optimal but it makes me laugh aloud , frequently.

'The Font' arrives at the wee house in the late afternoon to find that Phil the joiner is finishing the wardrobe. He has done a good job . Phil spends twenty minutes describing where the ash trees were growing and how he cut down and then seasoned and shaped the wood. The wardrobe door when opened fully presses against the security bolt on a bedroom window. Some thought will need to be given to this but it is not mentioned to Phil. The priority is to get him finished and away.

After dinner 'The Font' is torn between a performance of Guys and Dolls at the local theatre or a series of presentations by post graduate students about their research. 'The Font' spends an hour listening to a young man explain the breeding habits of fulmars. A subject that remarkably little is known about as these most secretive of birds live far out at sea for most of the year. 


  1. It sounds like that was a crapshoot that went wrong. The Font might have been better off with questionable choreography and off-tune "Luck Be a Lady."

  2. I hope the village version of Cobra comes up with a good plan...

  3. Think I would have gone for "Guys and Dolls" too - questionable though the performance may have been !
    If fulmars are so secretive, it's obvious they don't want us to know about their breeding habits ! So how did the young man find out?

    1. He has spent much of the past year bobbing around in a small boat 300 miles out in the North Sea while monitoring amorous fulmars. You have to admire his devotion.

  4. How lush everything looks. When this lovely part of France is green, it is very green indeed and such a balm.

  5. Hari OM
    the committee of emergency must take care that they don't end up with an unswaying Jesus... and Sophie's hunting style (as described by Angus) made me LOL, too. As for the evening entertainment, my choice would have been the student talks. There will always be productions of G&D somewhere anytime. YAM xx

  6. So Phil has gone from saying that he wouldn't get in the way of the tenants while working on site to now having finished. 'The Font' has worked her magic once again. Fingers crossed for the arrival of the furniture on time and in perfect condition.

  7. I think I would get along very well with The Font.