Thursday, May 24, 2018

Thin but alluring.

Lights on. Front door open. Within seconds the angelic duo are out and hurtling round the garden . PON rule #5 : Life must be lived at high speed.

Satisfied that the garden is free of C-A-T-S Bob and Sophie return to The Rickety Old Farmhouse to inform their owners that it's time to head off to the waterfall. To get the message across Sophie employs PON ESP. Bob utilizes a more vocal approach.

Sophie refuses the bowl of fresh water in the hallway. However, she will happily - and at length - drink from the pool of water in the drainage ditch on the lane. This has a thin but  alluring  rainbow film of scum ( diesel ? ) on its surface.  At the crossroads the three of us sit on the drainage ditch and watch the storm clouds build up over the high Pyrenees. The apple orchard on the side of the hill, has been covered with netting to stop the flocks of finches from eating the fruit.

Much activity in the village hall. Tonight is  movie night . The first of the year. Madame Bay and the ladies of the Beautiful Bye ways Committee are preparing duck pate five ways . The mayor and the retired farmer with the red bulbous nose are checking on the projector - a large 'vintage' piece of equipment that requires much careful threading of reels and spools. The Old Farmer and the Belgian Lady will not be at the movie. They have decided to head to the coast at Perpignan. '' I'll only be gone 48 hours. 72 at the most " says our neighbour breezily. He informs us that Perpignan train station is decorated with murals by Salvador Dali. '' Perfect weather for seeing them ". With that he, and she, are gone.

This is a rather charming tradition that was started by the Queen Mother  :


  1. Bertie's drinking habits are remarkably similar to Sophie's.
    Safe travels to the Old Farmer and his consort.

  2. Here it's the cherry trees enrobed in netting. We had lots of green cherries but now there's not a single ripe fruit on either of our (bare) trees. I hope the birds enjoyed them.
    Bon voyage to the Old Farmer, but I think I would have scheduled for after movie night. Duck pâté five ways!!!! What is showing?

    1. The Belgian lady is still persona non grata with the owners of the horse farm ( who are related to 95% of the village ). The Old Farmers trip to Perpignan may be a rather gallant way of ensuring the Belgian lady is away on movie night.

    2. We love him even more for it.
      BTW, the podcast "The Allusionist" has had two episodes about the Scottish language.

  3. Your hallway is very tranquil and looks nice and cool for when the temperatures heat up.

    Good on you Miss Sophie - I am sure puddle water is the best.

  4. Hari OM
    ...and this is why there has to be a novel about ROFs and TOFs, waving Christs and multi-use townhalls and women of foreign places. Angus??? YAM xx

  5. Inca too, prefers puddle water (when she can find one) to freshly poured tap water. What a relief to know that once again your beautiful garden is free of those pesky c-a-t-s !
    Your hall way is elegant, yet cosy, and I love your rug.