Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The tilt increases.

'The Font' heads off while it's still dark for the airport. Three full days have been set aside on this trip to allow time for furniture deliveries to the 'wee house' and any 'fine tuning' to the fitted wardrobes and garden doors that Phil the joiner has made ( and hopefully finished ). Angus has sent all the offending furniture company directors the e-mail trails showing their long and inefficient history of customer service. This has generated promises of remedial action. The fancier the brand the worse their after sales service. Peter Jones gets it right, other stores don't.

Monday night is spent in the kitchen in a flurry of steam and activity preparing things for Angus to 'pop in the oven'. The PONs  spend a happy evening watching the proceedings. It hasn't yet dawned on them that they are entering a time when the standard of cuisine on offer takes an abrupt turn for the worse.

This morning its wet and windy. We make it to the end of the ridge but the cold wind blowing up from the valley soon has us heading home. The temperature where the tree line ends is a good four degrees cooler than back here at The Rickety Old Farmhouse. The mayor stops in his Renault to ask if he can borrow the step ladders to look at the swaying Jesus. It seems the cold weather coupled to heavy rain has weakened the concrete infill that holds the upright beam in place. The village odd job man has reported that the 'tilt' has increased. I tell the mayor the garage doors are  open and he's welcome to use any ladders he needs. Later today Angus and the PONs will investigate.

Bob ignores the rain and charges round the garden with an old friend he's excavated from the apple orchard.

Then its time for a pause before heading off in the car to the cafe. Who knows ? There may be croissant slivers . Sophie whimpers in anticipation as she leaps into the back of the car. The best day ever is underway.


  1. Itttttt isssssss fffffffffrrreeeezzzzzinnnggg hhhherrre. IIIIIIce ssssssaintttttttssss.

  2. Well, the best day ever, until they sample this evenings cuisine?
    Sunny here, but the same cold wind you seem to have.

  3. Hari OM
    A little extra tilt to the swaying Jesus seems to me to be a marketing opportunity, for surely it points the way. Though who knows where..? Hope those slivers of pastry arrived. YAM xx

  4. In my experience, it seems that many companies are happy to take your money for orders, especially over the internet, but make return policies difficult to execute and are slow to return money or apologize for errors at their end. I am shocked however at the pure incompetence of the companies you have dealt with and the additional costs that you have had to incur, flying back to get items picked up and swapped just to get what you have ordered.

    1. They are happy to sit on your cash for six months. What they won't do is invest in the systems that cure problems once they occur. One large retailer -who has been called 22 times - drives me mad with their promises to do something, followed by zilch action.

  5. I bought something yesterday, and the cashier offered me the receipt because they don't take returns without one - I am figuring because I have it, it's not going to be needed. But fingers (and paws) crossed that the issues at the 'wee-house' are resolved, and you and 'the Font' can have a best day ever like Bob and Sophie!

  6. Never mind the swaying Jesus, Bob and Sophie will be hoping for a miracle in the kitchen, in the Font's absence...

  7. Are all those red umbrellas on your Terrace? Sophie and Bob, adorable as always!