Sunday, May 6, 2018

The frozen pigeon

Never travel on a British holiday weekend. After battling the crowds we both feel as though we've stepped off the overnight flight from LA. It goes without saying that four nights in a kennels have given Bob and Sophie a supercharged enthusiasm for life. They are both up early today.

It was a 'productive' trip. Some things got done. The two enormous gilt and red velvet Egyptian style chairs were collected. This alone is cause for celebration. The large department store phone up to say that this 'brilliant' news. Angus thinks they must have a very different understanding of what counts as 'brilliant' . There is no sign of the Danish chairs that were ordered. There is also no sign of Phil the heavily face furnitured joiner.

The framers have finished the Redwing picture. They've now started on two photos from a gallery in New York. 'The Font' thinks they will provide a suitably American touch for the Texan family. 

While waiting for delivery men Angus explores the neighbourhood. The wee corner shop sells Mint Julep flavoured chocolate. Closer inspection shows that this is not an American product. The 'Old Fashioned' whisky and lemon peel flavoured chocolate sounds particularly unappealing. 

The rack above the AGA is put up. This sounds easy but wasn't.

Down by the harbour one of the fishermen has just landed a catch of lobster. The fisherman has a new and very large puppy. '' He's six months old ". The puppy has found a dead frozen pigeon in the boats refrigerator.

Angus and the fisherman have a lengthy chat about what a dead frozen pigeon will do to the dogs digestion. We decide that trying to take the prized pigeon away from the dog, who has it protectively between his paws with his chin resting on it, would not be a good idea. '' I'm not back at sea until Tuesday " says the fisherman brightly.  '' I'll stay well upwind of him " he adds. The dog looks contented as only a dog with a frozen pigeon can.


  1. The redwing picture is looking superb, and I love the fisherman's pragmatism.
    Welcome back!

  2. The kitchen is looking good, and I guess the whole house is considerably improved by the removal of the gilt chair.

    If that's the size of the "puppy" he's going to be a BIG DAWG!

    1. We think the BIG DAWG is a bull mastiff . I can almost see him sitting in the bow of the fishing boat heading off to sea.

    2. ..... or a Dogue de Bordeaux as his muzzle is brown.

  3. My thoughts too - that's one very big puppy !
    Good to know you've finally got rid of the thrones - even if you have nowhere to sit !

  4. By coincidence, I just heard this wonderful quote on the radio, from Bertie's Wooster namesake:

    ‘…Have you ever tasted a mint-julep, Beach?’

    ‘Not to my recollection, sir.’

    ‘Oh, you’d remember all right if you had. Insidious things. They creep up on you like a baby sister and slide their little hands into yours and the next thing you know the judge is telling you to pay the clerk of the court fifty dollars…’

    Summer Lightning (1929)

  5. Hari om
    Now that's no lapdag, though I'm certain it's cuddleable! I now have kitchen envy... YAM xx

  6. That's a gorgeous Aga!!!!! This American would be overjoyed to live and work in the wee kitchen. I'd love to put the "puppy" next to Pamela's lovely puppy Andrew to compare size.
    Looks like you received a hearty PON welcome home. Beside sleep, what could be better?
    Pam in NH

    1. I cooked on an AGA once, they are increddible. It had four ovens...

  7. You might have to provide Aga lessons to the tenants.