Sunday, May 13, 2018

Why let logic hold you back ?

A wet and windy night gives way to a bright dawn. Angus and two shaggy dogs head down the lane. The PONs race ahead, tails waving, heads high.  Angus is still amazed by their start of day enthusiasm - different generations of PONs  have all shared that ' lets go kayaking at Niagara' joy. In fact in some inverse way Angus becomes more amazed by this canine joie de vivre the older he gets. A daily dog owners miracle .

At the storm drain dogs and owner stop to take in the view. Sophie finds a fat toad that has been squashed by a passing car. She settles down with the toad placed between her paws and slowly starts to savour it - first a lick then a nibble. Bob sits next to his master on the storm drain and leans in for some serious ear scrunching. He is told that this is his country. Passing farmers wave. The Westie in the big green Toyota Land Cruiser does its frenetic leaping routine. A Dutch car slows down as it passes. The woman in the passenger seat gives this strange man talking to two mutts a look that suggests he's a sandwich short of a picnic. Sophie wanders over to give her master a kiss, stopping en route to lick the spot on the tarmac where she found the dead toad. Her offer is refused with a polite but firm '' I may look daft but I'm not that daft ".

Bob demonstrates the PON smile.

Today is a day for doing the happys.

The Old Farmer has sent off for Belarusian visas for himself and the Belgian lady. If all goes well they plan to travel in mid-June. They'll stop off in Warsaw on the way. Angus inquires if it might not be quicker to fly. '' Wouldn't be nearly as comfortable as the motor home " says The Old Farmer before adding " And it probably wouldn't be much quicker ". Angus chooses not to disagree on either point. When you're 86 why let logic hold you back ?

Phil the joiner has sent 'The Font' an email saying he'll be finished by Tuesday.

Sunday morning fripperies

Understanding the Mid East :

This would give Sophie the vapours :

Scotlands links to the White House :


  1. Hari OM
    Never mind Sophie, I've seen several of those mechritters and still get palpitations! That population upsurge out East would add coniptions to the mix and thus, life expectency, at least in this part of the globe, will be shortened!!! YAM xx

  2. Kudos to the terrier for taking on that robot dog!

  3. Your post makes me do the happy too.

  4. Descriptions of Sophie's breakfasts are as appetite-crushing as all your pastry photos are appetite-arousing.
    Your links are fascinating. Re population, I lived in Kenya 30 years ago, and it was struggling with the population surge--farms were being divided to ridiculously small plots, forest cut down for new farms (only 4% of Kenya, which is the same size as France, is arable). Since then, the population has nearly tripled.

  5. I wish I'd read about Sophie's toad snack before I'd had breakfast......
    The robot dog is amazing, but will it ever be soft and furry enough to cuddle up on the sofa?

  6. Delightful post as always but yikes, that robot gives ME the vapors!!