Friday, May 18, 2018

Freedom is not free.

On the other side of the road a tiny house sandwiched in between two others. Barely a door wide. What must it be like inside ?

Today the last day of exams. Lots of medical students walking around wearing that oh so familiar '' We've been revising for 3 days straight without sleep " look. Those that have finished their exams having photos taken with friends. Soon they'll scatter to every corner of the globe. The town fast emptying out. Lives lived at breakneck speed.

At the wee house 'The Font' tries to understand why we have so many high speed data cables but no high speed data. 

With no furniture to be delivered until lunchtime a chance to walk through the cathedral ruins with a neighbour - a retired history professor. It's the 700th anniversary of the cathedrals consecration. Almost 704 years after Robert the Bruce rode his horse to the high altar to celebrate the victory over the English at Bannockburn. The king provided enough funds to have the building finished. The professor points out the medieval monks graves which have chalices carved on them so that they can rise on judgment day and administer the sacraments. The wee house is made of recycled stones from the cathedral which is a thrifty touch.

Dinner at the restaurant that's been taken over by a couple from Edinburgh. The staff smart and enthusiastic young Canadians working for a year to experience the 'auld country'. 'The Font' has taken The Secret Barrister to read but - now an expert on the birds - sits and watches the fulmars building their nests on the edge of the cliff by the Catholic chapel. All the other tables taken by smartly dressed American golfing couples who assume the Canadian staff are also Americans. Apart from golf only one other topic of overheard conversation - Trump. The recent comments by Bill Gates much analyzed. America it seems is as riven by its politics as Britain is by Brexit.

A paving stone sports some interesting and not altogether untimely advice.

Something French to start the day . In fact every day should start with a song like this :

Just imagine you got on the Toronto flight and found this happening to you :


  1. Love the song.

  2. I love it that the wee house is built with stones recycled from the cathedral.
    Cheers, Gail.
    PS The Rumanian owner of our overnight accommodation in Pitlochry greeted my American friends last night with "what do you think of Trump?"

  3. A cosy tiny house across the road, to be sure, but not a place to bring up two exuberant PONs ! I, too, like the idea of your wee house being built from the cathedral stones.
    So glad I'm not flying with BA from Toronto tomorrow !

  4. The front of the tiny house reminds me of small homes seen in a 1700 Quaker village (Waterford) that I drive through every day to get to work. They all look out onto beautiful gardens. So I'll hope this one does as well. I'll also hope that all goes well with the furniture deliveries as the week comes to an end!

  5. I love that song. Not just the lyrics but the fact that a young hipster is singing to such an old-geezer melody and hauling around an accordion (and I know a few youngish French who play accordion).
    My kid played "Un Homme Debout" on the piano and it was a joy during practice. Another pretty one is the theme song from the movie "Les Intouchables." And if you want to cry, check out "Je Vole," the song from the movie "La Famille BĂ©lier." The first time I heard that one I was in a hardware store and I caught the words and just started sobbing.

  6. Difficult to concentrate on a book if one is confronted with a view like that. Surely the sea is not often that calm. It will all be quite a change from Waco, Texas, for your tenants.
    Yes, it's all Trump all the time. Conspiracy theories from every corner.

  7. hari OM
    A song of heart - very pleasant. Every stone in St Andrews has a story to tell... YAM xx