Tuesday, February 12, 2019


On our trip to the market Bob is greatly taken by the sight of a tan and white vision of loveliness. The svelte vision of loveliness is less keen on meeting Bob. She emits a strange half gurgle, half growl sound. The family fellow is hurried along. Thankfully, the cheese counter distracts his mind from affairs of the heart.

This morning both dog and master taste some Chevres. We take away some Fondant de Brebis and some Chabis . 

At the fishmonger there's salmon and some Limande Blanc for dinner. A fish we've never seen on sale before. Will it be like Lemon Sole ?  We ignore the sea urchins.

Todays variety of cakes a decided improvement. Then it's off to the cafe for a coffee, a bowl of water and a shared croissant.

Back at home Bob tells his sister about his adventures. She smells his breath and is decidedly unhappy he's had some cheese and she hasn't.

e-cigarette use is accelerating amongst school kinds. In the US there were 4.9 m high school users in 2018 compared with 3.6 m in 2017. Tobacco is back in a big way :  https://www.cdc.gov/vitalsigns/


  1. For some reason I'm imagining the 'Font' smelling Angus's breath and asking with raised eyebrows "what on earth did the cheesemonger give you to sample today?"

  2. I've had limande before and it was good. I was looking for the translation and it's "dab," which I am not familiar with. Apparently not as sought-after as sole.

  3. The cakes look appetizing. I am not a fan of cheese or fish although the displays both look great.

    Good on you Bob.

  4. Hari Om
    Yup. It's a Dab (L: Limanda Limanda). I am averting my eyes from the cakes... this month is sugar free. YAM xx

  5. I swear I put on weight just reading your blog lol!