Thursday, August 20, 2020

Flicked a switch.

For the last three months there have been no contrails in the sky. This morning it's as if someone's flicked a switch. The horizon crisscrossed with aircraft from all corners of the compass. Is everyone back at work ? Or, has there been a sudden departure from the beaches of Spain and Greece ?

The Old Farmer shows up while Sophie is out on her first walk of the day. By the time we get back home the venerable Ford Transit motorhome, complete with 1945 era trailer,  is parked by his front door. There is no sign of either The Old Farmer or his lady friend.  We will have to wait to hear the story of their travels and her frequent changes of wardrobe.

After our walk its off in the car with the windows down. Todays croissant looks unexciting, and is. 6.3/10. Sophie gives me a look that says ' If you don't like it I'll have it'.

The choice of cakes puts the hum back into humdrum.

A mystery solved ? :


WFT Nobby said...

A remarkable number of contrails. One almost wonders if something has gone haywire with air traffic control at Toulouse.
Still unable to travel more than five miles here in Aberdeen (groan), I'm looking forward to reading about the old Farmer's trip.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Golly, it seems hardly any time since TOF and Lady left... and even I have to admit that the flan patissier is looking lacking! YAM xx

Coppa's girl said...

Just popped outside to check. No contrails here, and I'm more or less mid-way between Alicante and Valencia airports. Judging by the local beach this morning, not many have departed - it was crowded to capacity.
I wonder if TOF's lady friend's frequent changes of wardrobe caused the latest trip to be abandoned!
The choice of cakes will certainly help with the diet - they look so colourless.