Wednesday, August 26, 2020

High summer.

We pause by the pike pond to stare at the frogs. Sophie considers giving chase but decides its just too hot. The frogs remain unperturbed.

The Old Farmer wanders over to the front gate. He's holding a 30 year old movie camera. His lady friend has lost the charger unit and he wonders if I could get on that ' internet ' thing and order him a replacement.  Angus says he'll be only too happy to oblige. When was the last time you saw a movie camera ? A real blast from the past.

A quick chat with men in dark suits. We discover that the latest term for the  trajectory of the American economy is a 'K' shaped recovery. It's 'K' shaped because one arms is bouncing back quickly while the other arm is in free fall.

3 twitter links :

Why would you want to swim this close to a shark this big ? :

Best advert for a hotel, ever ? :

Gratuitous dog stuff :


Lisa in France said...

Sophie looks like a Druid princess or something this morning, with those tree branches as a crown. It's funny - I hadn't focused on your caption to the second link, but just clicked through (I have confidence in ALL your links) - I immediately Googled the hotel after watching the video and then cracked up when I went back to the blog and saw what you had written. I have to discuss the concept of a K-shaped recovery with my husband the economist, but it seems like a very useful concept to me. Restaurants are starting to drop like flies in Tokyo, clearly on the free fall side.

WFT Nobby said...

Thanks for the three wonderfully uplifting links from the animal world today.
The shark is simply awesome!

Tigger's Mum said...

K-shaped is novel. Does it really just mean they've no idea? I strayed down the link for the hotel to a small dog playing with the CCTV camera and nearly died laughing. Thank you for an uplifting moment in the morning.

Poppy Q said...

Hell to the no with that shark. I have swum with reef sharks in Tahiti. It was a bit freaky, although the worse bit was the hotel photographer came and took video of it, and that night before dinner they played it on the big screen over the bar. It was more terrifying to see yourself underwater looking like a seal.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
yes, three wonderful links today... though if that is a 20ft shark, that must be a 10ft woman... Sophie's selfie today is so happy-making. YAM xx

Coppa's girl said...

No, I shan't be seeking any 20ft shark to swim with - I'll leave that to others!
Enjoyed the warm welcome from the Retriever in the last link, but am glad that all 32 kilos of Inca doesn't decide to greet me with such enthusiasm!
Sophie looks such a happy girl in the first photo - has someone finally found the secret of the refillable yoghurt pot?