Saturday, August 15, 2020

The glampervan.

Much cooler this morning. Still no rain. Will anything in the garden survive this drought ? Heading along the lane we pass what appears to be a pile of rags on the ground outside The Old Farmers door. Closer inspection shows that it's not a pile of rags but our 87 year old neighbour, on the floor, changing the oil on the venerable Ford Transit motorhome. From time to time he swears quietly to himself .

The Old Farmer and his 'lady friend' have had enough of being cooped up in this heat. They are heading off along the back roads into the wilds of the Massif Central to escape people and get some fresh air.

The wardrobe of the 'lady friend' has taken up all the space in the venerable Ford Transits interior. He wonders if she needs to bring so many dresses.  She informs him that ' Yes! They are all needed '. The emphasis is on the word 'all'. He again swears under his breath.

Their departure is delayed while The Old Farmer attaches a US Army 1945 'Liberation' era two wheeled trailer to the rear of the motor home. She arranges his clothes, six cases of beer and the food for their journey in it. The trailer then has to be repacked as he decides he wants to bring along a spare tyre and an oil change. Then with a beep they're suddenly off along the lane.

The world turns. Minsk metro mens silent witness :

The 141/179 statistic made me happy to be a Brit  :


WFT Nobby said...

Thanks Angus for providing several grounds for optimism this morning - the life force that is the Old Farmer, the bravery of the Belarus strikers, the reminder of how things in the workforce have changed for the better for women over the course my adult life.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
I second Gail's comment... we need these positive vibes... YAM xx

Coppa's girl said...

Oh dear, I do hope that the Old Farmer's 'lady friend' wears each and every one of those dresses she takes. He'll probably keep a count, so there may be trouble ahead if she doesn't!

Angus said...

I'm quite sure the 'lady friend' will dress for dinner. I'm sure The Old Farmer will exude Gallic charm. As to whether dressing for dinner in a 45 year old motor home with a single gas hob and a pull out dining awning justifies it is another matter.