Thursday, August 27, 2020

Total conviction.

Cloudy, hot and steamy. We saunter by the cows in the valley. Sophie deals with their presence by ignoring them. Or at least trying to. She prudently positions Angus between her and the cows. 

Today is a pouncing in the small pools of water and shrieking loudly day. Sophie then returns to the back of the car via  a game of hide and seek in the sunflower fields.  I make the general observation that  she looks as if she's been enjoying herself. The look I receive in return may best be described as 'disdainful'.

The Old Farmer appears at the gate asking if the charger for his movie camera has arrived yet. I reassure him that it's been ordered but that it typically takes more than 24 hours for an order to be placed, filled and despatched. 

It will be his 89th birthday on February 5th. There are plans for a great celebration. We are invited. He's wonders if the village hall will be available for letting by then ?  'I'm sure it will be ' I reply with near total conviction.

Just another sleepy day in a small village in France in high summer.


Lisa in France said...

Well, Sean Connery's turned 90, Macaulay Culkin's turned 40 and now the Old Farmer will be turning 89. It should be a great party and hopefully things will be back to "normal" by February. I think today's tousled look becomes Sophie.

WFT Nobby said...

Cross fingers for the Old Farmer's 89th birthday celebration. And then for a really big one in 2022!
Sophie's furs are in impressive disarray this morning.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
And again I find that Mlle Sophie and I could act as stand-ins for each other... thank heavens I don't have an Angus taking random shots of me!!! AS for 'normal by February'... hmmm ... YAM xx

Poppy Q said...

Sophie you look like you need a long sleep in the cool.

Pam in NH said...

I used to get that look from a teenage daughter. At least Sophie doesn't speak.

Maudie said...

Both Sophie and the Old Farmer share a zest for life which is inspirational!

Coppa's girl said...

Good the know that the Old Farmer is still making plans for the future. Let's hope that things will be better and he has his wish.