Wednesday, October 21, 2020


Angus talks to Manhattanites in dark suits. 6:00 am French time. Midnight in New York. Do they never sleep ?  What might happen between now and January ? What decisions do the East Asian allies make ? How will those Michigan and Wisconsin college towns vote now there's no students around  ? Could Don Jr be the chosen one for '24 ?  Will the stimulus package make it to the Senate floor before or after the election ? Sophie displays her interest in the conversation by turning on her back and snoring. Sophie does not snore quietly.

Weighty matters out of the way Angus and his furry companion head out for their morning tour du village. Some wild boar have been by during the wee hours and left their calling cards. Sophie devours these with relish. Sophie then has  a long drink from the zinc bath by the village pond.  On our way home we meet the Parisian lady who is here for the school holidays with her husband and 16 year old son. All the kids at the Henri IV wear masks but social distancing is a problem.  No sooner has the Parisian lady scurried away than one of the ladies from the womens cooperative pulls up alongside in her little silver Dacia. She asks whether there is anything they can do to help. ' Keep smiling. I know how difficult it can be at your age' she says . Until now Angus had never thought that he was at a 'difficult age'.


Lisa in France said...

I think Sophie's got the right approach to our current world situation - wake me up when it's over! On the other hand, if dogs were to wear masks, I suspect that both Sophie and Cherry might find it worth staying awake for a "Breathable Bacon" mask. As a vegetarian, I have to admit I wouldn't share their enthusiasm. What do you think, Yam? Milton's return to fashion reminded me of an article I read yesterday about how this TikTok video has lifted the Fleetwood Mac song "Dreams" back onto the Billboard Top 10 list after more than 40 years:

WFT Nobby said...

Gail wonders what the men in dark suits made of the noises off at the ROF. Might they consider it the only reasonable response to the thought if Don Jr as successor? Bertie considers the search for wild boar 'calling cards' by far the most important matter of the day, and is delighted to read of Sophie's success.

Camille said...

Trying to discuss such questions with men in dark suits so very early in the morning would make my head spin. One needs psychic abilities or a crystal ball to answer such queries. However, I do know for certain that a bacon scented face mask would have a short shelf life around here were it ever left unattended and Dottie dog got her paws on it.

Coppa's girl said...

Inca considers both Sophie and Bertie incredibly lucky to find wild boar "calling cards" - what a treat! We do have them here, but not near enough for Inca to go foraging - thank goodness!
Yes, Sophie definitely has the right idea about things these days, and sensibly realises that there's not much she can do, so why not have a nap or two, while the world sorts itself out!
A breathable bacon scented mask - oh my, what will they think of next?

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
...dare I say... my stomach actually heaved at the thought of that mask. blargh... Yxx

Taste of France said...

Bacon may appeal to the exact demographic of anti-maskers, an untapped mask market. Papa John's (a sandwich chain similar to Subway and equally odiferous) also is selling food-scented masks.
Re Fleetwood Mac, there's a TikTok of a guy whose truck broke down on his way to work, so he skateboarded the rest of the way, filming himself gliding along and swigging Ocean Spray cranberry juice, with "Dreams" as the soundtrack. It went viral and the guy received a new truck and a supply of cranberry juice.