Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Too close !

This morning we meet the new mayor heading along the lane.  ' I'm off to the town hall ' he says by way of greeting. He tells me that he receives daily official bulletins on the progress of the pandemic. The hospital ICU's are close to being full - 2 beds left - but so far there have been no cases in our canton.

A little later we meet the German billionaires wife walking the new labrador puppies. She is off to Switzerland. She's heard that the young couple with the farm on the road to the next village have tested positive although they are displaying no symptoms. Perhaps someone should tell the new mayor. ' Too close to home for my liking !' she says breezily. Angus wonders if it's entirely sensible to be driving backwards and forwards across Europe with an entourage of hairdressers and flunkeys. Not being a billionaire he keeps this prosaic thought to himself. 

With nothing to do writing a blog in pandemic times becomes rather difficult. Thankfully, 'The Font' insists we do something 'new' every day. So it is that Sophie is loaded into the back of the dog car and we head off to the water park. This sounds dreadful but is actually the site where the rivers Tarn and Garonne flow into each other.

The confluence of these two fast flowing rivers has created a vast lake that is home to all sorts of wild fowl. I count forty swans.  It looks placid but the force of the two rivers has carved out a channel half a kilometre wide.

In the paper an article about a police dog cemetery. A very French and formal resting place for the nations four legged guardians.


I'm tempted to buy the flying pig print for the wee house in Scotland.


Lisa in France said...

The flying pig print reminds me of a "swamp boat" tour we once took in New Orleans - the highlight of our trip through the bayou was a troupe of pigs who leaped off the shore and came swimming out to the boat for a handout. It's a nice image, although the rest of the prints were actually somewhat disturbing (I may dream about those poor German Shepherds). I did kind of like the Schwanblumen. What did Sophie think about the swans in the water park?

WFT Nobby said...

'Their Master's Voice' is the favourite of the prints in this household.
Maybe Angus should take up birdwatching?

Angus said...

The swans maintained a suitable distance offshore so Sophie was indifferent/oblivious to their presence.

Angus said...

Bird watching with an energetic PONette is a contradiction in terms.

Coppa's girl said...

The flying pig is amusing, but like Gail and Bertie, I think we'd go for 'Their Master's Voice'. The attention to detail in the paintings is exceptional, but I find they have a disturbing darkness to them, and will probably worry about those poor German Shepherds too!
The Police dog cemetery is poignant, but I read in an article recently that the French abandon more dogs than any other European country - something in the region of 200,00 each year, which seems an impossible number! They are mostly abandoned at holiday times.
Bird watching might be a suitable hobby Angus, but surely you could persuade Sophie to keep silent? Just don't forget the Jaffa Cakes and sausages!

Poppy Q said...

All the prints are sweet and I like the muted shades in them as well as the humor. It is amazing that billionaires are still able to transverse across borders whenever they like.

Camille said...

I've always liked the flying pig print but the whimsy of the duck with cymbals (Strabe frei) and 'Their Masters voice' prints are appealing also. Dottie and I shall have nightmares about those poor shepherds in rough seas. I too am amazed that the billionaires are being allowed across borders willy nilly. Is that truly being allowed right now?

liparifam said...

Love many of them! The pig is wonderful :) I'm surprised at how large most of the prints are; unfortunately, I lack the wall space :(

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
That water 'park' is gorgeous and the photo of the muted sun one of Angus' best!

As for those delightful prints so filled with meloncholy a hint of pathos... much to admire. Would I bring one home if I could? Probably the Seaman's Lot (cuz I need to save those dogs!)... but a close second is Herta, for she clearly needs some company!!! YAM xx

10NISNE1 said...

Flying pig print is fantastic! Love Die Einladung as well!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Michael Sowa is a favorite of mine.
I'd say, go for it!