Tuesday, October 20, 2020


Blowy this morning . Loic comes to deal with the fallen leaves but the wind makes his task a Sisyphean one. No sooner has he got them in a pile than a gust undoes his handiwork and they go flying. For once the havoc can't be blamed on Sophie.

The family diva spends her morning following Loic around . She uncovers hidden treasures that her late brother had painstakingly hidden around the garden. That old family favourite, Lamb on a Rope , expertly buried alongside a rose bush, is rediscovered. So too is Green Toad. Sophie is delighted to be reunited with these old acquaintances.

With much of the country in lockdown life has taken on a gentler pace. We are reading a lot. Angus finishes this book on the German revolution of 1918.  Although largely forgotten, the author ranks the events of November that year alongside the French, the American and the Russian revolutions as being one of the great political changes in history. Its success was obscured by development 15 years later. Not an easy book  but  well worth reading for its insights and the ' what might have beens'.

Today we spot two cars with Dutch plates, one British registered Mazda drophead, three Spanish vehicles and no less than five cars with Belgian plates. Many, if not all, the local rental homes are let out - at peak season prices to Parisians and other 'incomers' fleeing the lockdowns. Ireland has imposed a six week lockdown so I'd expect to see some Irish plates joining the mix. 


Lisa in France said...

So nice to see Lamb on a Rope again! I've been doing my Christmas shopping for Cherry, ordering from the US as all the dog toys in Japan seem to be toy poodle size and highly-destructible to boot. Taking her fading eyesight into account, I've ordered a giant yellow dragon (too large to miss), a peanut-butter scented chew ring and an motion-activated ball that makes animal noises (skeptical how that one's going to hold up). Reading your post today, I can't help but conjure up a future moment when the history books are all about what happened in 2020.

Angus said...

The peanut butter chew ring sounds like a PON winner ! Please let us know how it is received. Sophie seems to take great delight in removing the arms/wings/extremities from any of her toys which makes me worry about her maternal instincts. 2020 does indeed seem to have been a year when every day brings four days worth of activity.

WFT Nobby said...

Bertie and I are smiling to see Lamb on a Rope and Green Toad reappear. Though the green appears to have faded somewhat!
My project of reading my way round Europe in lieu of travelling continues. So much scary contemporary relevance in Stefan Zweig's 'The World of Yesterday: Memoirs of a European', and now I'm off to Albania and traditional codes of honour and revenge in 'Broken April' by Ismail Kadare'.
Cheers, Gail.

Kerrie Roberts said...

Have you seen the tv series Deutschland ? It is the story of young east german soldier. The first season is set in 1983, the second in 1986 and the third ( yet to come) is in 1989. Interesting story linked to major events at the time.

Angus said...

Yes, we watched it when it was first broadcast five or six years ago and enjoyed it. We are of an age where we remember the grim mundanity of life in East Berlin in the late 70's and early 80's.

Angus said...

After the better part of nine months without travel the thought of a trip to Albania seems alluring.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
On books that reflect upon current affairs/history, I recommend George Alagiah's Burning Land... YAM xx