Saturday, January 8, 2022


Lighter in the mornings now. Sophie finds something tantalizing in the grass verge. She looks up to see I've walked on ahead. There is a 'Panic! Panic!! Panic!!! moment while she races to catch up. We yo-yo our way up the hill with Sophie sometimes ahead, sometimes behind. With delights a plenty in the grass she is rarely by my side and is frequently catching up.

A brother phones from the Hebrides to say he and his wife have been isolating since testing positive five days ago.  Neither of them has had even the slightest of symptoms - not even a sore throat.

Back at The Rickety Old Farmhouse we find 'The Font' deep in conversation with The Old Farmer. He's stopped working on his oil change and is providing a lengthy and emotional account of the scattering of  his lady friends ashes. 'It is a sylvan spot' The Old Farmer says. He then  adds 'It is so peaceful'. The presence of the Bordeaux-Toulouse rail track and the Nissan truck repair centre don't bother him.  The Old Farmer has now taken to driving off to the Garden of memory every afternoon. This requires the venerable Mercedes to be kept in 'tip top' condition, hence the oil change. This morning he has taken down the single row of Christmas lights that he had strung along his balcony railings.


Liz Hamblyn said...

It is good to hear that the Old Farmer has a purpose in his life, to keep the venerable Mercedes in 'tip top' condition.

Lisa in France said...

Agree it is good to know the Old Farmer is trying to adapt to this tragic change in circumstances. I found the article about Hong Kong interesting. Japan adopted a similar hotel quarantine system in an attempt to keep Omicron out (the new prime minister seems to hope that victory over Omicron will be the ticket form him), albeit a bit watered-down. It didn't really work, in part because the US military personnel in Japan were coming in through a different system, without any testing or quarantine. At first, Japan tried to adopt a rule that anyone confirmed to have Omicron would be hospitalized, but they had to give that up the other day. I really wonder how China is going to handle the upcoming Olympics.

WFT Nobby said...

I too am pleased that the Old Farmer has found a reason to get up (and tinker with his venerable Mercedes). I do hope his appetite is recovering.
Omicron is clearly now spreading like wildfire, even in the remoter parts of Scotland. The Torridon email newsletter yesterday informed me that the resumption of whist at the Community Centre has been postponed due to an increase in Covid cases in the area.

Travel said...

Interesting article about Hong Kong, how to balance safety and freedom of movement.

Coppa's girl said...

Pleased to hear, too, that the Old Farmer has found comfort in visiting the Garden of Memory, and now has a reason to keep the venerable Mercedes roadworthy.
Dogs are so much alike in some respects. Inca regularly falls behind, on our walks, to savour enticing smells. She has even been known to come when called and then double back just for one more sniff! The funniest thing is to see her zig-zag up and down the lanes, following a really good aroma - probably left by a C-A-T!

Stephanie said...

A poignant picture of the Old Farmer. Due to my rather random internet access, my comments are also random, but I do wish to note all the grand photos; highlights for me this past week are Tuesday’s photos of the ROF hall and the beautiful “Hammer House of Horrors” dining room (very amusing, Angus), Monday’s glorious sunrise, and the criss-crossing contrails on Sunday. The waterside photos of Mlle. Sophie are always fetching.