Thursday, January 27, 2022

Be governed not by the tyranny of the urgent but by the elevation of the important

Last night Sophie had hake for dinner. Today, she will also have hake for breakfast . The fish was bought for dinner last night but after checking it 'The Font' decides that it's alright, but not great. A word will be had with the fishmonger. The fishmonger is  a man in the next village who has a cousin with a boat in Arcachon. He visits his cousin  twice and week and sells whatever has been landed that morning. Usually the fish is pretty good - his cod and langoustine are trawler fresh  - but hake might not be his thing.

The weather forecast indicates that this will be the last of our perfect mornings for a week or so. A rain bearing front is due in from the Atlantic. The freezing temperatures will be a thing of the past with the temperature set to rise back into double digits. Strong winds are also forecast.

After a long walk across country Sophie discovers there is nowhere quite as warm and comfortable as the back of the car with the tailgate up and the morning sun streaming in. The perfect place to dose.

There again the tartan bed ( toys determinedly discarded to make space )  is the perfect spot for a serious nap. As all PONettes know ' Be governed not by the  tyranny of the urgent but by the elevation of the important'.

French song of the day - listened to while collecting the breakfast baguette. Don't think this will be in the US charts anytime soon :


WFT Nobby said...

The classy tartan bed does indeed look super comfortable.

Lisa in France said...

Poodles are rather indifferent about food,and it has been a shock after Cherry, who would eat anything but was allergic to almost everything. Yesterday, Charlie enthusiastically tackled a new freeze-dried fish/beef mix from Australia - today, his breakfast is still in his bowl at 5:30. He will enthusiastically eat anything "shared" by the parrot, so we try to feed the parrot lots of Charlie-nutritious goodies. I liked the video clip - the female character somehow reminded me of Marjorie Taylor Green.

Coppa's girl said...

Weighty thoughts indeed from Sophie - and so early in the morning! Most of us haven't had our first coffee at that time!
Had to smile that Charlie will eat anything shared with the parrot! Inca will eat absolutely anything, (90% of which would fell most of us) and likes to snuffle around for anything left by the feral cats we are currently "hosting" in the garden. Too bad that her human puts all the dishes out of reach on the table in the BBQ. Some humans are just plain mean!

Angus said...

Not sure the voters of GA14 would approve of their Congresswoman doing some of the things the young lady in the video is doing !

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
clearly Sophies has respect for her own personal premises! YAM xx

Travel said...

A nice nap sounds wonderful