Friday, January 28, 2022

Without embarrassment.

So much for the Atlantic storm that was forecast. The day starts still and calm with freezing fog and temperatures that remain obdurately close to freezing.

The  valley may be shrouded in fog but the village sits on the top of the ridge basking in the sun like a New Jerusalem. Or, to be more precise, a New Jerusalem with the grand total of 67 inhabitants. The Christmas decorations have finally come down. The mayor, the old mayor, the old mayors best friend and the village odd job man all lend a hand. The village odd job man is wearing dark wrap around sun glasses. ' A glass of wine too many last night' he informs me. This may explain the 'leisurely' and haphazard pace of his work.

The sled and a slumped Santa ( without its head ) remain on the village green as a reminder of Christmas past.

Sophie is in no rush to get home. The melting frost is throwing up tantalizing scents. The wild boar have been grubbing their way across the village green in the small hours. Sophie has discovered that they have left 'delicious' calling cards.

Horse makes a reappearance. Sophie gives horse a suitably wide berth. A girl can never be too prudent when it comes to large inquisitive neighbours. Then it's off home .The PONette has learnt how to take a 20 minute power nap without embarrassment. This is a social grace any well brought up sheepdog girl needs to master.

Europe and America have very different climates : :

An unusual place to stay. The blurb says it's ideal for exploring the grounds of the Central State Hospital.  Did anyone know Milledgeville was the capital of Georgia during the late unpleasantness ? :


WFT Nobby said...

Thanks for another fascinating map link. I shall forward it to my friends in Tacoma, Washington, who are always complaining about their gloomy weather!
Cheers! Gail.
PS Did it really take a team of four to dismantle the villages minimalist Christmas decorations?

WFT Nobby said...

Geography nerd again! I fear the sunshine map lacks granularity as I just can't believe the sunshine levels in Washington state are similar both East and wWest of the Cascades. The rainfall statistics are certainly dramatically different in these two parts of the state, for example.

Lisa in France said...

Many surprising things in your post today. First, the contrast between the weather in the valley and in the village was very surprising. And then the map showing the difference in sunshine between the US and Europe was perhaps even more surprising. I would never have imagined that there is literally no overlap between the UK and the UK - or that my home state of New Jersey has as much sunshine as most of Italy. And then, Milledgeville - I have never heard of Milledgeville, much less imagined it was at one point the state capital. I guess this proves that you really are on every lodging mailing list? The website certainly tries hard.

Coppa's girl said...

Sensible girl, Sophie, you never know with horses... and nice of the wild boars to leave tasty calling cards!
Something of a disappointment that the village green Christmas decorations have finally been taken down, and like Gail I find it surprising that it takes four men to do it! Now we have an agonising eleven month wait for the splendours in place for the next festive season. Will they use the same ones again, or will there be something totally different? Santa will be somewhat "weathered" if he's left out all year!

Michele said...

Love the first picture of Sophie and the frost/frog! Milledgeville is actually a charming old town with a thriving University. The old part of the town is largely intact as it was one of the few places Sherman didn't set on fire during the war.

Travel said...

Such a pretty place, and naps are allowed, I should move

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

When my mother used to get to the end of her tether she'd say, "Oh, you all are going to have to send me to Milledgeville!". We never did, however. x