Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Put off.

Good morning from Sophie who has been harnessed up and is sharing her morning pre-walk reverie with a dear, although heavily savaged, friend.

The family diva appears in the kitchen to find out why Angus is taking so long to get ready. She has little patience for his excuse that he's making a cup of coffee. Time and tide wait for no PON.

Notably darker at night and in the mornings as the year picks up speed towards autumn.  It's going to be hitting 40 again so we do as much as we can before ten and again after eight at night.

Sophie has to be encouraged out of the German billionaires garage ..... not once but twice.

We're the first at the bakers. After a shared croissant it's time to decide what we're going to have for lunch. Today, we opt for an apricot tart. Simple and sunny.

The latest 'what do we do with this ?'  moment. Two masks bought for a long ago masked ball in Venice. 'The Font' remembers buying them at a shop near the Rialto Bridge. All Angus remembers is that wearing a mask and black tie in heat is not a good idea. He also remembers that the masks were expensive. They are however quite architectural. Later today 'The Font' will take 120 CD's down to the charity shop. Many more are saved but this may be reconsidered. The first two hours in the morning are when we are both at our most aggressive when it comes to decluttering. Later in the day doubts creep in.

Tomorrow, Angus will turn his attention to family papers. This is a task he will try to put off even though he knows it has to be done.

 This mornings, German accented,  sing along music :


WFT Nobby said...

That heat cannot be conducive to calm and rational decision making. The Venetian masks are truly spectacular and look seriously uncomfortable to wear.
Best of luck with the family papers. Based on my experience of sorting out papers after my parents had died, it's worthwhile taking time over this exercise. I found some unexpected gems hidden away - beautiful, touching letters written to my mother by my father and my grandfather - and these are now among my most treasured possessions which will beyond question survive any downsizing.
Cheers, Gail.

Fay said...

Unless they are voluminous, I would be tempted to examine the family papers after setting up my new home. However, if those papers are a mixture of personal and legal, I am certain you can eliminate irrelevant legal documents in your decluttering.

Coppa's girl said...

Once you've moved, it will be interesting to learn Sophie's reaction when she realises that her daily routine, and her surroundings will be totally different.
The days are already noticeably shorter here, too, and although we are fine for our morning walk, if we leave home at 7a.m., it's still far too hot for an evening stroll. We'll have to wait until mid/late September for that.
Those masks are spectacular, but I can't help wondering how many poor birds lost their lives in the making - unless they are artificial feathers, which seems unlikely.

Melinda from Ontario said...

I have a feeling those masks won't fit in with your lovely cottage by the ocean. It sounds to me that you're leaning towards a more minimalist life style and in that spirit, the masks are just "stuff". I still remember the advice my mother gave me years ago when I was trying to make decisions during a declutter of my room. She told me to put the items I was unsure about in a closed box and set the box aside for a few days. If I still wanted to pull things out of the box at some point during those few days, I should keep them. If I didn't, I should let them go. All these years later and I still need to use the box strategy on occasion. I've also never regretted letting anything go. (Okay, I regret getting rid of a loaf pan which I recently needed.)

Kippy said...

Staff suggests you have a bottle of one of your finest wines or champagnes ready to pout as a reward after sorting through the family papers. She has kept the most treasured ones and they make her weepy but happy to reread. As Gail said, finding letters etc from family and friends can be quite emotional.
Remember the William Morris quote about keep only what is beautiful or useful (we’d add and only that which is of immense sentimental value)

Teena and Lala said...

The masks are beautiful.

Jake of Florida said...

I am tickled at the image of the younger Angus and the Font in Venice at the Rialto Bridge buying and presumably wearing those spectacular masks. Remembered moments among so many adventures. I guess my vote is to find a place for them on new cottage walls.

Regina M. said...

It's an exciting adventure for you all! Exhausting probably, but nevertheless sounding as though the new place is very lovely and filled with interesting experiences. Warmest wishes for the very best in your new "nest." From the base of the mini-mountain in Maine where it's almost tropically hot today.