Saturday, September 24, 2022

Continental sophistication.

A hearty 'Good morning' from Sophie who starts her day by savaging an old French friend that she's found in the porch. Both squeakers in the old French friend are still working which is a cause for great PONette satisfaction .

'Savaging' completed we head off to the 'click and collect' for a coffee and a croissant. Sophie gets a bowl of water and enthusiastically devours the croissant ends. The barrista has again made the coffee so that there's literally a thin film of liquid in the bottom of the small paper cup. Two millimetres at most.  Barely enough to taste let alone swallow. The woman tells me this is ' a real espresso ' . I bite my tongue and ask for some hot water to be added to it. This is done with great reluctance. It's clear she thinks I'm a stranger to continental sophistication.  I walk back to join my fluffy companion nursing a centimetre of warm liquid . The click and collect will not be a daily port of call.

Off to the cheese shop . Sophie has to sit, reluctantly, in the doorway. She eyes up the tantalizing cheeses from the entrance with a ' why do you torture a poor maiden so ?' look on her face.

After the disaster of the first espresso we stop off at a cafe in the old Post Office for a second. Despite the early hour the umbrellas are up and the sun is debating whether it's going to make an appearance or hide behind the clouds. Angus is ignored by the waitress but Sophie is fussed over and given an oatmeal biscuit.

Back at home the family diva opts to recharge her batteries in the 'zen' spot by the acer. She is soon snoring.


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Being allergic to the stuff, I cannot advise Angus on the rights or wrongs of coffee 'expression'... but I am fairly certain that in a matter of weeks, he will be sitting inside at the old PO, if at all going out for a breakfast brew at all! YAM xx

Maudie said...

Would Sophie have been welcomed into a French fromagerie?

Travel said...

What an amazing cheese shop

Coppa's girl said...

A cheese shop - now that is the height of Continental sophistication - but was it the same delightful experience of a French fromagerie?
If you could just show the barista (why do they call them that?) how to make a decent coffee you'll be just a tiny way towards the things you enjoyed, and took for granted, in France!

Kippy said...

Ooh that cheese shop! I had a wire fox terrier years ago. She wasn’t the most intelligent example of her breed but she did help dig planting holes in the garden like dog in Tweet.