Thursday, September 22, 2022

Risk assess

A perfect morning. We head south to the wee fishing town and park on the street next to a Swedish registered Volvo that is rather the worse for wear. How do you do that to a car ? 

Sophie is full of the joys of life and leads the way, happily, down to the harbour. We have found a  place that cooks lobster to order. It's the same place that does the dressed crab for the grocer. Demand is high and supply dependent on the weather and the tides so you need to get your orders in early for a six pm pick up. 

We stop to read the town notice board. The minutes of town meetings, anywhere in the world,  are always intriguing. Seems that here car parking continues to be a particular challenge. So, it would seem, is speeding. One civic minded resident has volunteered and  is being trained on community speed watch. The problem is that 3 residents are needed to form a team - one volunteer to capture the speed, a second to note down the registration number and a third to 'watch overall'.  Angus wonders how you risk assess a 'speed watcher'.

We find a wee cafe that opens at sunrise and serves coffee. It has a cosy terrace that's sheltered and overlooks the harbour. Sophie, who is looking more presentable this morning, is greeted like a long lost friend. She is fed part of the proprietresses bacon roll. Forget croissants ! Beat a bacon roll if you can ! It goes without saying that Sophie's human companion is ignored.

Political correctness is alive and well. The first graders school is flying a flag that is half Ukrainian, half Union Jack. I don't think I've ever seen this combination before . Perhaps flying the UK and Ukrainian flags side by side might be a better solution ? I'm guessing that the locals have taken in a number of Ukrainian refugees and that this is a gesture of welcome to the littlest ones. From the number of Ukrainian flags that are flying in local front gardens it would seem that events to the East are followed closely.



WFT Nobby said...

Nobby and I both think that café sounds well worth a visit! Perhaps we'll drive down and contribute to the parking problem. The minutes might explain the state of the Volvo?
Cheers, Gail.

Lisa in France said...

Oh, my, I've actually been to that little fishing town. We were also there early in the morning, on our way down to catch a flight out of Edinburgh, and the lobster boats had just come in, piled high with lobsters destined for France (pre-Brexit). My husband still hasn't gotten over it, so I'm sure we'll have to go back one day so he can actually eat some lobster rather than just looking.

Travel said...

Bacon roll and fresh lobster, make for one happy puppy, The side of the car looks like someone drove to close to a post, or tree stump, or rock.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Actually, that looks like the impression of another car's bumper and nose. Sideswiped. It might not pass its MOT (or Swedish equivalent)! Wonder if that is the car 'crime' mentioned in the notice??? And clearly, the local force doesn't have funds for electronic cameras! YAM xx

Jake of Florida said...

Ah, we could use a 3-person speed watch team at the intersection to our development. 25 mph plus stop sign...both ignored by 95% of vehicles.

rottrover said...

When looking at the wee fishing villiage, the word 'quaint' comes to mind. How was the lobster??