Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Be willing to be a beginner every single morning

Time to be weighed. 'The font' clambers onto the bathroom scales with Bob . He weighs 8.1 kilos. Sophie 6.6 . Bob, as someone commented, is going to be a  big boy.

A day spent bouncing and hurtling round the garden. The shutter on the i-Phone camera barely fast enough to catch the occasional black and white blur as it whizzes past . Life enacted at high speed.Never walk when you can run .

In the evening the Beautiful Byeways committee meeting. Bob and Sophie are gently led across the village green. Their first venture out with collar and lead. We set off at eight and complete our hundred metre journey in eleven minutes. Water hydrant, the box hedge round the war memorial and the acacia tree by the old widows cottage all dutifully recorded, marked and remembered.

'The font' returns from the salle de fetes at ten. Time for a drink. A stiff one. ''What did the committee discuss this time   ? " I ask. There follows a sigh followed by a giggle. ' The old farmer has found chanterelles in the forest and has sworn us all to secrecy , Madame mayor wonders whether the old bottles of red wine they've found in the store room could be used for Sangria or should be thrown out , frozen eclairs are on 'special offer' nine uros for four dozen in the Cash and Carry and all the villages across France with the same name as ours are holding a convention here next year '.


  1. Feeling their feet, tails proud behind them.
    Progress at the the committee, rustic style.
    Have a lovely day.

  2. 8.1 kilos! I weigh barely more than that. I can see that I shall have to show you a bit more respect in future Bob.
    Toodle pip!

  3. Sangria and eclairs if there's to be a convention.

    The pups look like they are just enjoying themselves.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. A convention next many villages do.have the same name???

    The pups are growing so fast. Time for absinthe and croissants soon???

  5. What a glorious sight. SO happy to see them so at home :)
    I'll have the eclairs!

  6. With so many issues to discuss I guess your new additions were not able to be put on the agenda?

  7. It seems the puppies are having great fun in the garden ! They are so lovely. Are they bilingue ???
    Angus, your lavender aren't cut ?

    Belle journée à vous,

  8. I know what you mean about the shutter speed on the camera not being able to keep up with Bob and Sophie....happens to me all the time.
    Don't worry we love all kinds of photos, whether blurry or well composed....just keep 'em coming.
    The old farmer made me laugh...I hope his chanterelles are still there when he returns to the forest.

  9. with the old farmer's chanterelles and yours and the font's champagne ~ the mayor will be in constituency heaven! LOL.
    bob and sophie exploring and trusting. and blooming under personal love. well. doesn't get much better.

  10. Goodness, it's so lovely to see these two adorable dogs getting around and settling in their new home.

  11. Oh, if only our city council meetings had an eclair report.

  12. Every time our mom visits she says that she can't imagine having two puppies at the same time. What does she mean by that?! They sure are cute!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  13. How cute they are.
    And how exciting life is in the French countryside. At least, it is now Bob and Sophie have arrived!

  14. 11 minutes! It sometimes takes me that long just to get Jack down the driveway - especially if it's trash pickup day.

  15. Down for the count with a spinal disc injury, seeing Bob and Sophie's adorable furry faces is the highlight of my day.

  16. At 8 kilos Bob makes for a nice big bouncy trampoline for his more petite sister, I am sure, however, I do like how it always seems to be Bob leading the way when they are running around.

    You can see their deep bond and connection. They are adorable.

  17. The pups are making enormous strides! They've barely been home with you and already they're out and about.
    You and the font have obviously made them feel confident and secure. Maybe the future holds a book about the Angus method of dog rearing.

  18. I am so thankful every time I look at them, that you brought them both home with you. They seem so close that it would have been sad to separate them.they belong together.
    Love all the pictures, just need more.

  19. Bob is going to be quite a big fellow! I find myself relieved once again that I am not on the Byways Committee!

  20. That is a meeting I'd like to sit on...sounds much more interesting than the parent advisory council we belong to. Those two darlings are winning hearts all across this planet. I for one am so happy that I get to start this adventure from the start with them.