Thursday, April 18, 2013

Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time .

Monsieur Bongo and the two Bongo sons work away all day. Two more workmen and a large white truck join them in the late afternoon . Bob and Sophie sit in their pen on the front lawn and watch the comings and goings in engrossed silence .  At seven in the evening Monsieur Bongo appears in the downstairs kitchen and announces " M'Ongoose. We've got problems ". Why is it that workmen always preface good news with ' I ' and bad ( ie expensive )  news with  ' we '  ?  Monsieur Bongo and his team will be coming back again today and tomorrow.

Madame Bay is away visiting her sister in Paris. She phones to find out  if  the basement is still gently filling with water  . Sandrine, Madame Bay's hairdresser daughter, has bought her mother a mobile phone with extra large buttons and a tariff that allows her to make 1000 minutes a month of  calls  for free. ' The font ' describes the situation to our saintly septaguenarian. After many ' oh la la's ' and the occasional ' Mon Dieu ! ' Madame Bay finally announces '' We''ll you should be thankful you don't live in a tiny apartment  ". With that less than subtle dig at her sister she rings off. 

Bob and Sophie are simply delighted with the arrival of the workmen. Their socialization proceeds apace. Sophie continues to dig and Bob discovers that a plastic Badoit bottle makes the most intriguing sounds.


  1. Oh yes Bob, those plastic bottles make the best noise don't they. So much fun.
    Toodle pip!

  2. Transiting through Dublin airport this morning on my way from Boston back to France and can say catching up on Bob and Sophie has cheered me immensely! The perfect antidote to the sadness of the past few days. Thank you. They are too cute!

  3. Do pons ever need to get the hair around their eyes trimmed?

    1. I like to see Merlin's eyes and I think he is less skittish when he has an unimpeded view, so his hair around his eyes are trimmed regularly.

  4. Oh dear, so the work is not a two day project.
    Thank you for the new videos; it's lovely to see the puppies in action, all be it up to no good! I think they may be getting used to the camera.
    Aside from the million balls scattered hither and thither, Merlin still enjoys a crinkly plastic bottle.
    I am looking forward to the time when Mme Bay meets them.
    Hope the work proceeds well today.

  5. We couldn't see the videos, but then, we can't get anyone's. The pups are so cute, glad they're getting to meet so many people at the house.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  6. Loved the non-stop action of the videos. What a fantastic pair.

  7. Enjoyed the videos and the last photo is reminiscent of Wilf and Digby...

    One of Todd's favorite toys is something called 'water bottle buddies' that the plastic bottle is put into for them to play with --If only I'd thought of it first!

  8. "I've got a bottle....and I don't care....I've got a bottle......I'll have a great day!"
    Loved the cute videos and especially loved the last photo of Bob and Sophie where they're positioned according to their names of Bob and Sophie.
    Angus so sorry that the drainage problem is more complicated than your Mr.Bongo thought it would be, I hope he gets it rectified soon.

  9. Mischievous entertainers - just wonderful to watch

  10. Kuster agrees that bottles make the best toys! They are so darned cute in action! Now all we need is Smell O Vision to smell the puppy breath. :) I hope the water situation gets sorted out soon!

  11. Love the videos!!! Wish they could be longer. So much fun to see them moving around. They both are so cute. I am sure they give you so much pleasure each day.

  12. SO HAPPY you're adding videos! and agreed... only wish they were longer!
    sophie is truly a DIGGER! hope you remember that it 'used' to be cute when she's all grown up and some of the font's beautiful flowers quite possibly get unearthed!
    knowing the font and how the two of you love your pups ~ i have no concern. :)
    they just make my day.

  13. We can't see the video either. We can only dream about seeing them at play. They're too adorable for words!

    Quite a costly socialization process you have there.

  14. Love the videos! So many birds singing while Sophie play clawed the little roof.

  15. These words and little movies start my day off in the most delightful way.
    Sent update about Apple via email.

  16. Love the video of Bob and Sophie!


  17. Sophie seems to be getting slightly darker or is it the side effects of digging?

  18. I wholeheartedly agree. The time I enjoy wasting watching Bob and Sophie grow is not wasted time at all.

    I get the feeling, during that first video, that Bob may be trying to tell Sophie that she is being foolish trying to dig a tile roof, and she should just stop it already.

  19. One wonders how the two of them (especially in the last photo) look so clean and groomed and show-worthy. With all that digging........what is your secret!!!!!!!!!!!
    They are simply wonderful. Shy........did you say that SOPHIE would be shy??????? Boy, did you get that one wrong! Warm regards from the Westcoast of Canada.

  20. This new blog is a danger to my heart strings! I would love to get a couple of PON pups. Wonder what the family would say to that?!!? They are just the cutest!