Saturday, April 27, 2013

Love is the energy of life .

How quickly they learn. No sooner is the magic word 'croissant ' spoken than two angelic dogs appear at the front door. Getting in the car no longer a frightening experience. ' The font ' wonders aloud if these can be the same dogs that have left shredded pages of yesterdays Le Monde ( carefully put out of reach on a shelf , or so we thought  )  in the hall, the library and the downstairs kitchen . Overnight Sophie has bitten through the cover of her bed and carefully removed all the stuffing .

The large floor to ceiling mirror in the scullery is discovered . Mirror + Bob + Sophie = hours of fun for all the family. When we return from the bakers they rush through to the scullery to make sure the ' phantom ' dogs are still there.

Saturday night. The Beautiful Bye Ways committee meeting. It seems the lady with the beehive hairdo's Ford Mondeo estate has broken down, possibly irretrievably. '' It's the camshaft " she says by way of detail. She wonders if someone  else could dust the statue of the saint before it's annual saints Day outing next Sunday ? The little lady in the purple hat  says she would be more than happy to do the dusting but will need a set of step ladders if she's going to reach the saints head. The farmer with the little Yorkie on his lap says he has stepladders but one of the legs is 'wonky ' . ' The font ' volunteers the use of our stepladders . A lengthy discussion follows.

The mayor announces that the three young ladies from Toulouse will be back in August to finish restoring the church frescoes . Until then the church is out of bounds as their scaffolding is a safety hazard. The man in the yellow luminescent safety jacket who does interventions ( the exact meaning of this still a mystery to us  ) wonders how the little lady in the purple hat is going to dust if the church is out of bounds .' The font ' leaves.

The hectic nature of life in deepest, deepest France Profonde.


  1. The best laid plans! We think the Saint may have a dusty head--perhaps the day will be windy.

    Can just imagine Bob, Sophie and the mirror.

    XXXOOO Daisy, bella & Roxy

  2. Have any of the Cost Centres met the puppies yet?

  3. Oh yes, puppies have their own ideas about what constitutes 'safely out of reach'.
    Cheers, Gail.
    PS I am wondering if I should quote the title of this post when at at work and attempting to explain why a geological prognosis proved incorrect and a $50 million well failed to find any oil...

    1. The Finance Director may not be a fan of Browning .

  4. The photos of Bob and Sophie are getting cuter every day.
    What fun to find two more dogs living behind that big shiny thing in the scullery....priceless. Video please on these encounters, I am already chuckling.
    Croissant!! Croissant!!
    Love IS the energy of life.

  5. I am loving the stories of Bob & Sophie's adventures - and your life in La France Profonde as well.

  6. Might you do it, Angus? Dust the head of the saint? A interesting inclusion for a good Presbyterian boy's autobiography.

    Are they growing that fast or am I just getting old...

  7. Lengthy discussions seem to be the items for the agenda. The one and only.

    We sympathize with the stuffing removal. Tucker and his never ending supply of "ducks" has this same fate. Strewn all over the floor at any given time when he's had his fill. Sweet darlings!

  8. you have become my "world news." i no longer give a flying leap. only what's happening in the peaceful and delightful corner of france profonde and a gorgeous old rickety farmhouse and a loving family of four.
    well six if you count the two little puppies living behind the mirror in the scullery.
    and angus.
    thank you for it all.

  9. I find myself agreeing with so many others' comments about the pups, and keep reaching for the "like" button. Thank you for some good world news.

  10. Sophie might enjoy it if you would toss a few old newspapers into her sleep pen, she could tear them up and make her bed a little more comfortable.

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  11. We don't know what the two of you are fighting over in your videos but it must be awfully yummy! You are so adorable, Bob and Sophie!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  12. I've been enjoying reading about your puppy days. It sounds like Sophie had an expensive night chewing. Maybe her new teeth are coming through!

    For Enzo (and Riley before) his first bed, until the nipping /chewing stage was over, was a cardboard box with the front cut down, and all edible metal staples and plastic tape removed. We put some old blankets inside the box. His teeth got a good workout chewing the sides some nights! We also always put him to bed (which was inside his his pen) with one of the cotton ropes (with cheese, chicken or other treats wedged well into the rope or just roast meat juices, bacon grease, etc. dribbled over the rope) and a hard plastic Nyla bone. During the day these two items were always nearby, so if we found him looking to chew something he shouldn't (or nip us) we would say "no" and quickly put one of these two items into his mouth and say "OK". Both boys learnt only to chew these items, and their soft toys and current beds have survived so far.

  13. I'm wondering if Wilf and Digby were so mischievous at the same age, or were the Boyz always perfect gentlemen?