Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tomorrow do thy worst for I have lived today .

Sophie discovers birds. She sits on the lawn , her head  slowly turning , as flocks of pigeons and blackbirds streak across the sky. The raucous comings and goings from the magpie nest in the oak tree by the stream a source of particular fascination. '' How angelic " says ' the font '.

The angelic part is soon put to rest when she joins her brother in the barn. He discovers snails ( tossed in the air, crunched and then swallowed ) ,  voles ( a solitary example swallowed whole ) and field mice ( chased but too fast or canny to be caught ). Sophie discovers frogs  ( swallowed ). She also discovers something unknown that we can't stop her eating but causes her to look particularly pleased with herself.  Dog delight, human disgust.

This morning at the bakers the woman behind the counter comes out and gives each of them a small sliver of warm croissant. The concept of food being warm a surprise but very much to their liking. Bob smacks his lips and does his orphan dog routine. He has a near ecstatic look on his face that seems to say " Tomorrow do your worst for I have lived today ". His first PONder. 

Bob adds the woman behind the counter at the bakers to his ever growing list of people he loves. 


  1. I have heard told that dogs, compared to us, for example have limited taste buds. I don't believe it for a minute.
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. One wonders if dogs reared in France have more of a taste for snails, frogs and croissants than those from, say, Scotland?
    And how would they react to an Aberdeen buttery? (Eeuw, my croissant's all salty, perhaps?)

  3. You may have to close and lock the barn door from those two little angels.
    Our frogs here are poisonous to dogs, and from the vet I've learned to always have hydrogen peroxide or salt on hand to induce vomiting if the dogs play around with them.
    Bob may be a true Frenchman where the escargots are concerned.
    Thank goodness they've acquired a taste for warm croissant slices....very nice.

  4. Yikes! Frogs can make dogs really sick, Sophie! Stay away from those. I can just picture Bob as he falls in love for the first time with a croissant! :)

  5. Thank you for starting my day with the joys of puppyhood. I followed Wilf and Digby and am looking forward to Bob and Sophie's adventures. I lost my "boy" last April and waited almost a year before I could think of getting another. I now have a 7 month old deer legged chiahuahua through a rescue - not exactly what I had in mind. She, too, is after toads and nuts and I have worried endlessly about it. Since reading about your two rascals, I don't worry as much. So thank you for that. Keep the pictures and tales coming --- Laura G/Texas

  6. I didn't realize Bob has black speckles all over. A handsome guy, indeed. I imagine Sophie wonders what the heck those things are, flying in the sky, possibly fun dog toys. Our Lexie, a lab mix, tried to eat a frog, and suddenly foamed all up and gagged, it was rather gross. Fortunately I don't think we have poison frogs in Syracuse NY!

  7. i once had a dog who watched airplanes ~ as if they were birds. he would watch with his little head in the air following their progress til they were out of sight. then he'd resume whatever he'd been doing. i often wondered if he thought they were dinosaur birds!
    this is the first post where i've seen black muddy paws! they normally stay amazingly white.
    puppy life is grande in france profonde!

  8. oops. no e on grand. but came back too because i'm wondering if they're ever ventured out onto the pool cover.

    1. Pool cover ? Bob day 1. Sophie day 2... and every day since . Someone is going to have a shock when the solar powered cover is rolled back.

  9. Birds, frogs, voles..oh my. The 2 year old is still eating sticks and stones and whatever else he survived on. I so wish he could tell us where he used to live, how he survived etc. What does Sophie think of the baker? Or does she need more time to decide??

  10. They can go swimming with you guys.

  11. Hmmm, the joys of puppiness - eating whatever comes into contact with mouth. The joys of puppy owners - having to clean up the joys of puppiness......we have fond memories.

    Those two are just so darn cute.

  12. Ah, yes, field food. My late Beagle mix Emma, playing with a mouse, immediately swallowed it head first, tail flipping between her teeth like spaghetti. She did this, of course, when I called her name, telling her to drop it. Did my stomach no good. My vet just laughed. Enjoy those high flying birds, Sophie!

  13. This entire post has me laughing out loud. My Siberian once ate a baby rabbit whole; I know that because it reappeared quite soon thereafter, rather the worse for wear. Looking forward to seeing Sophie and Bob when they discover swimming.

  14. Dog delight, human disgust - so very very true. It sounds as if you're having a joyful time with your puppies.