Monday, February 24, 2014

Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine.

Another sunny day. Bob digs, Sophie finds something unmentionable to chew. Pilgrims get barked at. The PON duo learn to shelter from the sun under a bench. Muddy noses get washed.

After lunch Sophie settles down for a doze in the kitchen. There's roast chicken for dinner. Bob heads off with me to the rugby game. After ten minutes he's asleep, head on my lap. He's recently started to snore, loudly, when he's in a deep sleep. This is a deep sleep. On our way home we stop off at McDonalds by the motorway tollbooth for a coffee. He gets a bowl full of water. The table next to us have ordered a McFarmer. Bob eyes it, and the occupants of the table, adoringly. As we leave he casts longing looks back in their direction. An early lesson in dealing with disappointments.


  1. A McFarmer??!!!

    XXXOOO Bella & roxy, who would both like to try one.

  2. Bertie too is wondering what exactly a McFarmer contains and I, and infrequent visitor to McDonalds, cannot help him there. He is anyway convinced that he too should be offered one, me less so.

  3. Sophie oh Sophie………do tell what treasure you have found to chew on. Part of a carpet…….a prayer shawl………a former cushion cover…… of Madame Bay's turbans perhaps……..please do tell. Your fan-club awaits.

  4. Never mind Bob, you are probably much better off with half a croissant.
    Have a lovely day.

  5. Two French ladies, mother and daughter I think, found Lulu's charms irresistible on the one and only occasion that we took her into a restaurant.
    They fed her titbits from their amuse bouche but the trouble started when she wanted their main course as well.
    A standard poodle's pestering is irritating, especially as if she goes under the table then tries to stand up!

  6. Now Brownie wants roast chicken for lunch as well.
    Bob is better off for not having any of the "McFarmer"....Lord knows what that "chicken" really is.

  7. It appears that the prices are about 1.5 times the US price. Hmmm...

  8. What is a McFarmer? Better luck next time, Bob!