Thursday, February 27, 2014

Appreciate everything that you have

Madame Bay appears at first light. She has found an old watercolour painting of the house. The palm tree has grown to at least twice the size shown, so it must have been done at least forty years ago. '' There wasn't so much traffic then " says the saintly septuagenarian with a sigh. This uncharacteristically maudlin tone of voice may have something to do with a large, fresh, dent that has appeared on the rear driver side wing of the gold metallic 'Wild Child' voiturette. It almost matches the old, still unrepaired, dent on the front passenger side caused by a wayward lamppost in the supermarket car park.

The warm weather has brought the builders out of hibernation. Work on the German billionaires garage once again feverishly underway. Bob looks on in silence as a large truck delivers the elevator that will whisk cars from the garages lower levels to the floors above. He carefully picks his way home, en route chosing to walk through every muddy puddle he can find.

In the afternoon a trip to check out a local kennels . Always a useful thing to have in case of emergencies.The kennels aren't the Ritz but they're clean and the people that run it seem sensible. Bob spends an hour on the 'dressage' course with the kennels owner. Weaving through traffic cones and old car tyres a source of evident delight. Sophie sits this out. She's not going to let just anyone hold her lead.


  1. I once worked in an office on Long Acre which had a basement garage accessed by a car lift. Made sense in Central London (and was fun to use with my bicycle). But in France profonde, WHY?
    PS A first light appearance by Madame Bay is always a good start to my day!

  2. That's a lovely picture of the house, what a great find.
    I agree with Gail, wouldn't it have been simpler to extend the garage sideways rather than underground.
    Still, if you've got loads of money, why do things the easy way?!

  3. Well done, Bob. We would have chosen the path through muddy puddles, too.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  4. What a beautiful painting of the Rickety Old Farmhouse, and oh so thoughtful of Madame Bay to gift it to you. I'm glad that she is well.
    I counted four chimneys on the rooftop, do you heat all of the fireplaces during the winter? Maybe the oil man is calculating a higher rate for you. They make lots of assumptions you know.
    Very thoughtful to check out the nearby kennels with both Bob and Sophie, that way you get a reading off of them as well. Preparing for your upcoming trip and making sure the PON duo will be in good hands while you're away is a good thing.
    Hope the kennels have Skype so that you can check in with your "family" while
    Love love love the third photo of the angels rough toussling.

  5. I love that picture of Bob pinning Sophie to the floor, I guess she'd got a bit out of hand ?

  6. The watercolor of the house is a great find to me. Do you ever ask her where she gets these things or is it best left unsaid?



  7. Agreed, that the watercolor is a lovely find, and how very kind of Madame Bay. Perhaps best not to inquire too closely as to its provenance.

    For no reason other than a hunch, my guess is that it's older than 40 years, maybe as much as 50-60.

  8. darn.
    i think you should have celebrity status on your visit to america. then the puppies could sit in first class with you and the font and sip champagne and eat illicit croissants to their heart's content.
    then the paparazzi would take photos of the four of you visiting ... snapping pics of their first time in the colonies! LOL.
    the doors whooshing just for THEM.
    OH the delight of it all. far better than a musty damp old kennel dad!

  9. The painting is quite special to have, I think.

    So now you know. You need some old tires and cones set up in the garden. Will keep you fit and spritely.

  10. Am I remembering correctly that Madame Bay worked for the previous owners of your home? The watercolor appears nicely done, and a lovely, thoughtful gift and gesture that I've no doubt will be treasured by you and 'the font'.

    And the last photo had me doing a double-take as it reminded me of Wilf.

    1. The sense of deja vu that all dog owners get !

  11. Very wise to find a kennel in case of emergency.....but the idea of the duo in a kennel is quite unsettling. Strange and uncomfortable.
    Your German is aping Mitt Romney
    and his La Jolla home. Wonder if
    the subterranean garage one of
    those luxury ones that look like auto
    Interesting that the painting comes
    to you now.

  12. I love that watercolor. What a treasure.

    Shyla would agree with Sophie about who she'll let hold the leash!