Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Earth laughs in flowers.

We've lived with the shutters closed for two days ; candles ready should the power go off. The forecast storm of the century never arrives. The gale force winds must have blown themselves out somewhere over the Atlantic .

Bob walks ahead as I go from room to room opening up the shutters . For some reason he finds this mundane task to be the most exciting thing ever. He does his daft dance, throwing a tennis ball in the air, catching it, then trotting around like a miniature Lipizzaner horse. We start upstairs then move downstairs. Wherever we go his tail goes 'thwack thwack thwack' against the furniture. Bob's tail is a thing of constantly waving wonder. 

At the garden centre Bob christens the tyres of the cars in the parking lot. His attention then turns to a large, and very venerable, olive tree. Finished, he clambers up into the back of the little Skoda with an unmistakable '' this boy done good " look on his face. Do all dog owners live with a sense of deja vu ?

Sophie has been a little too enthusiastic on her morning walk to the stream. She's toppled head over heels into it. That fishing technique requires work. While 'the font' works in the kitchen Sophie lies in the downstairs hallway attempting to dry out.


  1. What chance the new plants, once released from the safety of the Yeti's back seat?

    1. Bertie - A kind blogger has just let us know that a Wire Haired Fox Terrier took top honors at the Westminster Dog Show.

    2. I've seen the photos and am wondering what they did to get the WFT's legs looking like that!
      Gail (brandishing the back comb).

  2. Thank goodness the forecast winds have not appeared...our barn roof might last a bit longer. Sophie is looking either appropriately chastened or frustrated that the plants are out her reach. Bob is a happy boy.

  3. Definitely deja vu!

    Glad the storm didn't eventuate.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. Hoping that BERTIE will read this first thing - SKY the beautiful WIRE FOX TERRIER took BEST IN SHOW tonight in Manhattan at the
    Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. I know that BOB and SOPHIE will be thrilled for their loyal friend BERTIE. Well done BERTIE!!!
    From the Westcoast of Canada.

    1. ANGUS: If you would kindly pass this news onto BERTIE and GAIL - they will be thrilled to know that the WIRE FOX TERRIER took
      top honors! Many thanks.

  5. Angus, what did you think of PON at the Westminster show ?

    I think that storm has done a u-turn and is on its way to the UK today.

  6. As of this morning, we are nowhere near thinking about spring gardening with 9-12 inches of snow is expected for us starting this evening. Perhaps the weathermen are as wrong yours were about the winds, but this time, I doubt it. And YES, I am well acquainted with deja vu because of the dogs.

  7. I, Just Harry, and my brother Angel Jake, are extremely happy to see the beautiful Sky take Best of Show. Our mom looked at me, got out the comb to detangle my muzzle and had to admit that WFT for WFT I'd never make it. Yay Sky!

  8. Aren't weather forecasters amazing! :)

  9. That is one fantastic tree! I'm glad Bob and Sophie make the most of every day. What a wonderful thing to be a dog!

  10. Bob and Sophie sure do bring happiness into my life....thanks for posting their everyday life events.
    The twack twack twack of a tail I am very familiar's a very comforting sound for me. It means that my boy is well and happy.

    1. I have written a post about Sky on my blog.

  11. Exquisite old olive tree. How I wish it was mine.
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