Thursday, February 6, 2014

" One foot in front of the other - through leaves, over bridges ".

Down to the cafe under the arcades with the PON duo. Sophie's enjoyment of her illicit half croissant is spoilt by the arrival of a large truck with air brakes. Sophie has never heard air brakes before. She does not approve. Things get worse. While Sophie has her air brake 'moment' her brother has her portion of the half croissant. Sophie gives me her doleful '' my brothers an oaf " look.

The church is now finally finished. The money ran out before the porch or the belfry could be restored but the frescoes in the nave look as good as new. The village committee have decided against putting the plaster saints back in their niches in the walls. This is not down to some religious reason but to the rather mundane fact that most of them have lost an arm or a leg during the recent 'vigorous' spring cleaning. 'The font' has arranged for three musicians from the Yehudi Menuhin School to come and perform at an opening concert. The Very Old Farmer hopes they'll bring an accordion and play something ' with a tune we can recognize '. 


  1. The side by side photo of Bob and Sophie really highlights the height difference. Bob, you need to leave Sophie half-croissant alone!
    I hope 'the font' has briefed the musicians about local requirements.
    Cheers, Gail.

  2. Poor Sophie, some days are like that.

    Was the problem of politically incorrect 'hated Boches' and EU solved in the renovation?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. How beautiful the church looks. All involved should be proud.
    We know where those croissants are going..into those long, hollow legs of that young fellow!

  4. Poor Sophie, I hope you remedied her loss with another piece of croissant.
    Sorry to hear about the plaster saints accident, but I'm sure they can be fixed at a later date....rigorous spring cleaning sounds like one of Caroline's protege's on the job.

  5. That must have been some vigorous cleaning! Yowza!

    Sophie, having a brother is like that a lot of the time. The girls send their sympathies!

  6. The missing appendages cannot be reattached? How vigorous was this cleaning.
    Everything looks marvelous? The very old farmer sounds like the type that is unable to enjoy anything that can't be imbibed.
    I think the concert will be perfect!
    Bob can't be still growing! Can he.....?