Friday, February 14, 2014

If life was easy where would all the adventures be ?

Italian week at the supermarket . An uninspiring display of  dried pasta and boxes of  rubbery cakes filled with chocolate flavoured butter cream.The locals look singularly unimpressed.

The supermarket has twenty checkouts. At lunchtime only one of them is open. The queue of 'white van' men buying a baguette snakes into the aisles. To save time 'the font' goes to the Welcome Desk and tries to register for the swipe and pay service. The unsmiling young woman behind the desk stops doing her nails, types something into the computer in front of her, then announces  " Sorry love. You don't shop here regularly enough to qualify ". The young woman then goes back to doing her nails.

Thursday night. Every owl in the neighbourhood gathers in the garden. Bob is quiet until 3.03 am when he decides to greet them. Sophie pipes up shortly after. It turns into a lets howl with the owls night. Over it all the Old Farmers Christmas Star shines away.


  1. The last 3 days in the early morning hours I have heard the owls as well, and seen them twice--And according to the Christmas star, 'tis the season!

  2. 'Welcome Desk'......what a misnomer that is...

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella &Roxy

  3. So Bob has added 'Owl' to his list of languages spoken.
    He's so talented.

  4. Seems as if the service personnel in France are related to the ones here on the island.
    I can hear the PON duo from way over here with their happy they must be singing up a storm at 3.03am.
    Happy Weekend to you all.