Sunday, February 23, 2014

Where does a thought go when it's forgotten ?

Heavy rain overnight but the new day dawns bright and fair. By the time we've reached the old roman road the sky is blue and the sun hinting at warmth ahead. Sophie glares at two Coypus paddling contentedly along a water filled roadside ditch. Their sheer audacity renders her, for once, barkless.

Bob is oblivious to birds ( apart from the blackbirds he chases in the laurel hedge ) but his sister will sit, head turned skywards, carefully following the passage of herons and egrets and eagles. This morning she watches a new Airbus, on a proving flight high above the valley, turn in a half circle  before soaring soundlessly away. She sits lost in the wonder of this miracle until it's long out of sight. Bob, not one for reflection, wades, knee deep, through the water looking for fish. Disappointed, he finds a pile of old walnut shells and munches happily away.

On our way home we meet the Old Farmer. Fur hat with ear flaps, cut off dressing gown doubling as a jacket, string vest, pyjama trousers and green wellington boots.  '' I'm thinking of going to Brazil " he announces without so much as a 'Bonjour' of introduction. 'Why ? ' I find myself asking in sheer amazement. The Old Farmer looks at me with that half pitying look that the French reserve for foreigners and then says very slowly, "they're holding the Olympics there the year after next ".


  1. He is one, feisty old farmer....more power to him.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    We assume he realises he can't take his camper van.

  2. Another exotic specimen of humanity for the Carnival in Rio?

  3. I wonder if the Brazilians will think the old farmer is a typical Frenchman?
    Did Bob actually eat the walnut shells?
    I often marvel at the resilience of a dog's insides. Walnut shells can't have too much nutritional value I would have thought.

  4. Angus, I always enjoy your photos. but the fourth one of Sophie and the stream where the image stays bright and clear through what must have been somewhat shady is very interesting.. This might have been asked before, but what camera and setting do you use?
    Many thanks.

    1. As with all the photos - it's what comes out of the snap and go i-Phone .

  5. We love and laugh at the Old Farmer. I do wonder if he has kids whom he drives crazy with his activities!


  6. we should all live life like the old farmer. his own style! his own fortitude! his own shining star!
    and my sweet puppies. oh the sweet puppies in the france profonde. xo

  7. The old farmer is living life exactly on his own terms. Bless him. For a moment there we thought he was thinking of relocating! His life is still full of adventure.
    Will our Bob be able to digest the walnut shells? Horribly tough on the intestines, we'd think.

  8. No tougher to digest than ceramic flower pots . The miracle of a young dogs digestive system .

  9. beautiful scenes!……was just reading how Rio's ocean bay for olympic sailing is full of sewage….they are concerned they won't be ready…evicting the poor in the slums so they can build villages for the athletes….i wonder what will become of the dogs of Sochi now that the olympics are done.

  10. I've been known to throw on some odd getups to walk the dog, but the old farmer definitely has me beat.

    I think Sophie was gazing skyward pondering and calculating just how fast she will have to run at Bob and how hard she will have to leap off his back in order to fly.

  11. I still can't imagine Sophie being rendered barkless....although I myself may have been rendered speechless at the audacity of the Coypus too.
    I love that Old Farmer, fun-filled and full of adventure.