Saturday, February 15, 2014

Never live in your own shadow.

A day for digging up the hellebores then decapitating the daffodils. An old drain discovered and expertly excavated. The low hanging branches on the fir trees nibbled. Blackbirds chased. White vans barked at. Two walks, a paddle in the stream and a trip to the supermarket. On the way home a detour for Bob to christen the tyres in the motorway service stations parking lot. Asleep at nine. They don't wake til seven. Ten hours of silence. Bliss.


  1. A very busy day!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    We hope Granny Font isn't getting flooded.

  2. Where does all that energy come from ?

  3. A fantastic day!!!
    I'm sure you missed them during those ten hours of silence.....come on be honest.....and how many times did you check on them to make sure they were okay?? very

  4. the goal of the day: poop out the pups!

  5. LOLOL!
    i see that sophie likes living on the edge. then . . . book end puppies! nothing better.
    you are not raising pups. you are raising would be gardeners. who knows? maybe they're in training for making it really special. well. okay.
    but just think. at least THEY will show up! xo

  6. Me: So what did you do yesterday, Bob and Sophie?

    Them: Just the usual stuff . . .had a good time!

  7. I'm not sure if I could handle 10 hours of silence. I would suspect 'someone' was up to something!

  8. Are you feeling wonderfully refreshed?
    I do hope so as Bob and Sophie's long, lovely night's rest has
    most likely supercharged their
    energy stores to overflowing.
    Tonight, we suspect, will be a long,
    lively night for one and all!

  9. Those gorgeous doggies! I wish I could hug both of them. And, you can make anything funny!