Friday, March 21, 2014

Humans see what they want to see.

We're up and in the car early. Bob keen to get down to the cafe under the arcades for his illicit half croissant . On our way home a side trip to the stream . Young deer around, lots of them, so the angelic duo are kept on their leads. Bob drinks lustily while his sister tries her hand at fishing. Sophie makes a lot of noise sploshing through the water but is ultimately unsuccessful. Stealth is not a PON trait.  A group of Belgian pilgrims are sitting have breakfast on the village green when we return. Bob keeps an eye on them from his vantage point at the front gate. From time to time a pilgrim waves at him. The certainties of a one year old PON's life.

This morning the PON's find the laundry basket. Left by mistake on a chair in the hallway.  Angus's socks are 'liberated'. They have been rewashed. Two pairs now sport holes. How dull and ordered it must be to live in a house without furry mischief .


  1. Bob, Sophie, you really need to sort this out with Angus. Such a spoilsport on the deer chasing front. Why, I once chased some deer for a whole hour before Gail found me and put me back on the lead again...
    Toodle pip!

  2. We live in a house with chewed knobs and furniture corners. Thanks to Bella.

    Deer chasing and joining pilgrims' picnics sound like PON fun.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  3. "Newbie" has discovered socks, slippers etc which regularly get liberated, never a dull moment, so much fun and laughter.

    Deer hunting might have to wait a few months.

  4. I love the fact that there is a stump/seat conveniently placed to help PONs inspect all passing pilgrims. Very thoughtful of you, Angus!

  5. I hear holey socks are the fad these days for dog owners......enjoy. Your have an in-house designer crew "Bhub and Sofeeee."

  6. Max STILL never passes up a chance to chase deer or "liberate" anything left out and within his reach....*sigh*

    Janelle, Maggie Mae and Max

  7. There's nothing like a puppy to remind you to pick up after yourself! lol

  8. How long do you think the "illicit" half croissant will remain illicit?


  9. How can you tell they've had a haircut? By the pile of fur left over? We really can't tell the difference?
    Bonnie and Kenzie

    1. After her trim Sophie is now about 2" smaller in diameter. She really had become quite shaggy. For some reason it doesn't seem to show on Bob who always looks lean.

  10. 'ScrapsofMe,' I was wondering the same thing, they are still very fluffy!

  11. We don't call it liberating, we call it stealing !!! Never fails that the laundry basket loses a sock or two on wash day. They are usually hidden in under the pillows !!!