Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Where there is no vision, the people perish.

The supermarket cashier is arranging an Easter tableau of plastic hens, chocolate rabbits and egg cartons along an underutilized stretch of shelving. This is something she clearly enjoys. In fact she enjoys it so much that she lets a line of seven people build up at the checkout. When diplomatically asked whether it might be possible to pay for a litre of milk she tuts, shrugs her shoulders and mutters something brief and ( thankfully ) inaudible. The milk purchase is completed in silence.

It pours with rain. Bob and Sophie play touch rugby in the upstairs hallway. Sophie enters into this with all the enthusiasm of an All Black on steroids. Angus throws the ball in the air, Sophie grabs it in her mouth and charges, head down, from end of the hall to the other. Her duck and weave footwork the envy of any half decent scrum half . To get near the ball Bob has to resort to sitting on his little sister.

Bob ends his day perched on the stump seat guarding the house against any wayward pilgrims. Sadly, with the heavy rain, there are none. Perhaps tomorrow ? 


  1. Remember when it was believed that SOPHIE was shy? What happened! Your description of her Rugby skills lit up the 'close-to-midnight' hour
    here on the Westcoast of Canada. She is pure joy! BOB brings smiles day in and day out. What a duo you ended up with!!!!!!!! As in our own
    household………..we constantly say to our Scottish Terrier #4 - "BOY - did YOU ever work out nicely!"

  2. Never disturb and artist....especially with mundane requests to do the job s/he's paid to do.

    Kiwis on steriods...what a hoot.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  3. Her creative talents are clearly under-utilised. Is she a friend of the girl with the Cupid headdress?

  4. I hope the rain stops soon so the pups can play outside!

  5. The image you paint of Sophie is pure joy - and Bob fending off Pilgrims proves each has found a calling.

  6. Bob's Rugby tactics closely resemble Maggie's :)

    Janelle, Maggie Mae and Max

  7. I knew it! Eggs do come from cartons. Chickens are wholly unnecessary. .

  8. I wish Bob was barking at me.

  9. You'd better be careful that Bob isn't taking lessons from Chamallow the Houdini cat and checking to see if he can turn the key to open the gate.
    We have some of those same kind of cashiers here are not alone.