Sunday, March 16, 2014

Where facts are few, experts are many.

The ladies from the Women's Cooperative are making progress on re-rendering the cement on the pillars round the arcade. Bob is prevented from christening their work. '' Not a good idea ". Instead, he turns his attention to a concrete flower pot.

On the pavement outside the bakers Sophie finds a cardboard tube. The centre of a roll of kitchen paper. This is carefully nursed home. One of life's unexpected delights. Her brother is told in no uncertain terms that this treasure is hers, not his.

Happiness. A one year old dogs certainty that there will be tickles,walks and illicit half croissants today and everyday . Who knows ? There may even be more cardboard tubes to be found.


Anonymous said...

Your title reminds me today of the Malaysian jet disappearance.
Those poor souls; so much speculation.
Merlin found a deflated leather football yesterday. Hours of fun. And for me too, picking out the minute pieces from the lawn!
Have a great Sunday.

The Life of Riley said...

Sophie has discovered that sometimes the best things in life are almost free. True happiness, as I have discovered, is when your owners save the cardboard rolls (from paper towels, plastic film wrap, tinfoil, etc.), put a few bits of kibble or dog biscuits inside and then fold both ends of the roll over as a homemade rattle or throw toy... what more could any dog want than something to chase after (when it is thrown), chew, shake and shred and find food inside!


Angus said...

Reading the Sunday papers attempts to explain what happened is painful. Hearsay turned into fact.

Angus said...

Next time we come across a cardboard tube we'll put some kibbles in it !

VirginiaC said...

I too thought of the missing Malaysian Airlines plane when I read your quote today.
The pride on Sophie's face with her cardboard roll is absolutely priceless.
Has it really been a year already? Wow!!!

MrsDuncanMahogany said...

Our Tucker loves his paper roll tubes...or toilet paper tubes. He's not fussy! But welcome to the clean up of those.....tiny little wet pieces of tubing everywhere!