Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sophie's Wednesday Morning PONder.

Why do you wait for something to happen ?

And while you're PONdering that here's a somewhat lagubrious link to the featured song on todays Radio Nostalgies 'Hits of the 50's' hour.


  1. Sophie wishes to know where all the flowers have gone, does she? It seems odd that she doesn't see the pulling them up by the roots as demolishing them. Do you ever speak harshly to her about pulling up flowers? Perhaps sit down and weep loudly over some that were recently killed. A little drama from you or the Font, Angus, might help the pupkids to understand better. No-no on digging flowers! Works for me.


  2. Surely Sophie doesn't need to PONder long to answer the question of 'Where have all the flowers gone?' She'll be off in a minute to find some more mischief, I'm betting.

  3. Sophie is more of a make-things-happen girl.

    We only ever heard Peter, Paul & Mary sing that.... we're so unsophisticated.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  4. Seems that Sophie has her own motto....Let Me Make Something Happen Now!
    She really is a leader and not a follower.
    Where have all the flowers gone in French somehow seemed more like Sophie's style.....especially after pulling up all the roses and lavender bushes.
    I'm sure Bob and Sophie are both tri-lingual by now, and she definitely understands what is being said.....clever PON's.

  5. It sound so different when that French backing kicks in.
    xxx Loretta and Stanley.

  6. My guess is that Sophie at them!

  7. What a lovely photo of a PONdering Sophie.
    I like the ombre style paw colouring