Saturday, March 15, 2014

He that gets, forgets, but he that wants, thinks on.

Outside the cafe under the arcades the unusual sight of three ladies from the Women's Cooperative unloading a cement mixer from the back of a trailer. They have won a contract to re-render the plaster on the arcades columns. The three of them are wearing matching black berets, red bandanas and rather sombre grey acrylic overalls. Angus toys with the idea of offering to help but settles for a cheerful '' Bonjour ". He receives a grunt in reply. By the time Bob and Sophie have finished their 'illicit' half croissant the overall wearing trio are having a break and smoking their first non tobacco based ' roll your own ' of the day.

Seven in the evening. The asthmatic whonk-whonk of a car horn alerts us to the arrival of Madame Bay and her long suffering husband. They, and the members of the Retired Gendarmes Club, have been at the teaching hospital in Agen for their annual medical. A full day of scans, x-rays and blood tests paid for by a grateful government. Lunch, dental check and eye test included.  The doctor has told Madame Bay that she should cut down on the four glasses of wine a day that she has admitted to drinking. '' Thank God I didn't give him the real number ! '' she says with a girlish laugh. 

Bob and Sophie look on in amazement.


  1. Maybe cutting down TO four glasses per day, might be the go.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  2. The size of the glass may also be a factor.

  3. That's not shredded astrobiology book is it, on the grass besides the garden table?

  4. Dear old Madame Bay, it's so nice to read this morning that she is A-Okay after a barrage of tests....I can't see her giving up any wine though!
    By the way, whatever became of Caroline?
    Angus you crack me up..... "non tobacco based roll your own"....priceless gem of a description.

  5. Thank you for mentioning the John Lukacs book. To say it is not an easy read is, for me, an understatement. But I am finding it worth the effort.

  6. I think I scowl whenever you describe the ladies of women's cooperative. I'm slapping my own wrist, telling myself not to be judgemental, but gosh darn it they always sound so grumpy.

    Madame Bay on the other hand is the antidote to grumpy.

  7. I love the phots of the duo sunbathing on the garden table, then the jump off.