Sunday, October 19, 2014

A hard act to follow.

Overnight a wind has blown the acorns from the oak trees. The road and verges carpeted in them. Bob decides they're a delicacy.

The Village Square a hive of activity. The petanquers are covering the cracked tarmac with a layer of fine pea gravel. Bob stands on his stump seat observing. He has an old tee shirt in his mouth. This does little to enhance his 'ferocious' image. It doesn't do much for his bark either.

Crazy Ed and his band start to play at 11.30. By this time they are well lubricated. Crazy Ed is dressed in black leather trousers and a black leather jacket. The jacket is left unbuttoned. This is perhaps unwise in a gentleman of his age. Despite their advancing years the bands style is enthusiastic. '' It's Saturday night fever time !! " Crazy Ed informs us while pirouetting on the stage. We circulate and then slip quietly away. In the small hours the music is still going strong. The sound has an immediacy that the walls of the Salle des Fetes, the village green  and the shutters of the rickety old farmhouse fail to diminish. Bob  howls when the last of the revelers slam their car doors shut at four. Why do people feel the need to honk their car horns at that time of the morning ?

Tonight 'Wilbur' will be playing at the end of tournament bal de disco. Crazy Ed will be a hard act to follow. 

And here is another gentleman dressed like Crazy Ed.


  1. I think Bob is better at 'happy' than 'ferocious'.
    Perhaps he should have offered Crazy Ed the tee shirt?
    Cheers, Gail.

  2. 'Crazy Ed' and 'Wilbur' in one weekend ! You have all the best acts down there!

  3. I agree with "Julie." We only have "Aggressive Panic Disorder" and the "Steve and Steve Band" at our local events.

  4. good one gail!
    LOLOL. this whole post wonderfully dry and hilarious.

  5. At least it isn't a weekly occurrence.

  6. Bob is too much - I think a muffled bark would be an improvement over the non-face-full-of-t-shirt one.