Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Don't have the duck.

Cooler temperatures mean Bob and Sophie can once again go out in the back of the car. There is nothing they enjoy more than a trip to the supermarket car park. If only children were so easy to please. Bob stays on guard, Sophie curls up and catches up on her beauty sleep.

Pumpkins have made an appearance. A sure sign autumn is here. On the supermarkets soft drink shelves bottles of Arizona pomegranate green tea. One wonders how many residents of Tucson might associate their state with pomegranate green tea. 

To the Asian restaurant for lunch. You know its an Asian restaurant because there are two large porcelain elephants at the front door. We are the only people there. The waiter, who we think is Vietnamese, tells us in heavily accented French not to have the Beijing Duck - ' Its not good ' . In fact he doesn't say that at all. He says something altogether more pejorative. 


  1. Wonder if the restaurant owners know about their waiter...

  2. If only all waiters were as honest !

  3. That restaurant looks as if not so long ago it was a Point Vert.

  4. We had a waiter tell us about the "bad meatballs"! We were glad he did :)

  5. Wonder if the Arizona green teas sold in the EU contain as much high fructose corn syrup as those sold in the US? You have to read the fine print.

  6. Reminds me of the German I met in a grocery shop in Poland, warning me not to buy Polish chocolate. "Es ist Scheiß!" But then he wasn't employed by the establishment…

  7. Arizona Ice Tea comes out of NewYork. Apparently it's very popular as it's sold in the US. Canada and the UK.
    Do you think the restraunt owner might have told the waiter to down play this dish because it was too costly, too labor intensive or too time consuming to prepare? A case of the management having their duck and eating it too?
    Sophie looks especially adorable!