Saturday, October 11, 2014


It rains for most of the day. The post lady brings a package from the States. Replacement Zymox. A grooming staple for long eared dogs. It's only taken three days to get here. Even better there's no import duty to be paid. In Italy they charged a random (and exorbitant) $89 for the pleasure of importing it.  

Thunderstorms delay the British Airways flight from London by an hour . Bob hears me chatting to 'the font' and goes and sits by the front door. He waits there until the car turns into the drive. How did he know it was an ' I'll see you in an hour ' conversation rather than a ' see you tomorrow ' chat ? Bobs joy on finding his missing sheep is a wonder. 

Here's a little something for Americans preparing for Halloween :


  1. I'm curious to know what Zymox contains that is not available in any equivalent product for sale in France. Or do long eared French dogs go uncleansed? Cheers, Gail.

    1. As far as we know Zymox uses natural enzymes, French products use all sorts of chemicals, some of them powerful.

  2. Interesting about Bob and good advice on the video. I remember carving pumpkins as a kid with just the typical jack o' lantern face and a candle put inside. Now it's become an art form with patterns and special knives, and wax candles have been replaced with battery operated lights.

    But there's not much that can replace Zymox--I agree with you, it's a really good product. I wonder why it's not available in France.

  3. Nothing beats that 'you've been gone for days, no, months, no, years' greeting from a dog

  4. Your first photo of Bob is beautiful. Is he getting thinner or can his legs be getting longer?
    Loving Halloween here.