Monday, October 13, 2014

Independence has its limits.

The morning temperature already in the 70's. Bob and Sophie rush across the field down to the stream. Bob, ever serious, stays within hailing distance. Sophie, the loner, disappears into the hedgerows. The moment she realizes she's on her own she's racing after us, yelping in disgust. Her '' How could you leave such a poor maiden so ? " routine. Bravery and independence have their limits. 

A parking spot right outside the cafe under the arcades. Sophie settles under the table. Bob gives the waitress a kiss. What won't a boy do for an illicit half croissant ? The man on the motability scooter laughs uproariously. The lady in the blue dressing gown with toggles is inside at the bar ordering the mornings second ( third ? ) round. 

We buy a pear something or other from the bakers wife. From the rings around her eyes and the slightly distracted way of serving we assume the new baby is not a good sleeper. 

Today the PON's are shredding a check short sleeved shirt. The process of downsizing continues. 


  1. The boundaries of terrier independence stretch somewhat broader. Bertie can disappear for far too long before he panics and starts barking for me!
    Cheers, Gail.
    PS Looks like there's been a ron on Opéra's this morning.

  2. You may need a new wardrobe at this rate.

  3. I think I would be 'up-sizing' my wardrobe if your bakery was one of my morning stops.

  4. Oh thank you for our fantasy trip to the bakers. The babas with their little vials are so adorable and what is the delightful item in front of the strawberry tart? I'll take that. And since this is a fantasy visit, one of everything please!

  5. too bad the puppies are color blind.
    that's quite a fetching blue plaid they're shredding to bits!
    i am addicted to this blog the way the morning group is addicted to their ... well. whatever it is they imbibe so early!

  6. "The process of downsizing" ... We simply LOVE the way you write! It always makes me smile

    Yogi's Mom (catching up) :=)