Thursday, October 9, 2014

Guano in the mechanism.

The pigeons have got in the belfry again and the church clock has got stuck at 5:45. The mayor hopes that it's just a question of removing some feathers and guano from the mechanism. 

There is no dog toy like an old piece of their owners clothing. This morning it's a tee shirt. Angus can't but help observe that it's his wardrobe that's being sacrificed. 'The font' views it as a useful first step in downsizing. Bob and Sophie enthusiastically agree.

The lady with the beehive hairdo is busy putting up posters for this weekends village fete. Talk about short notice. " I forgot to go to the printers and collect them  " she says cheerily as we wander by on our stroll to the stream. The depressive accordionist who doubles up as the local physiotherapist will be playing at a 'bal de disco' on Saturday and Sunday nights.


  1. Is this the same woman who habitually forgets invitations? or just a different one....

    1. One is quite enough for any village.

  2. Love seeing Bob and Sophie playing tug of war together and then happily sharing the new toy.

  3. I think I am going to borrow Mme Fonts tactic in future and convince Stuart that redistributing his disapproved of t-shirts is a good exercise in recycling and pooch enrichment.

  4. I'm also thinking of using the 'Fonts' tacting of 'editing' my husbands wardrobe, I'm sure Princess Leah would oblige !

  5. I fully understand 'the font's' point of view, I've done it with Carl's things too -- However I crossed the line when I 'sacrificed' a sacred tee-shirt from his college days.