Thursday, October 23, 2014

A serious affair.

On our morning walk Bob stops and stares at the sun reflected in the windows of the old garage. One of those '' Blimey ! I've never seen that before " moments. We stay there until it's fully risen and out of sight. We also stop at a football that some children have left on the lawn outside the town hall. This is an object of some concern. We don't go until I've kicked it . As we leave he glances over his shoulder three times to make sure the footballs not following us. A walk is a very serious affair when you're 21 months old. Finally, the fire hydrant is carefully christened. 

In the afternoon we wander down to the pilgrim chapel by the stream. Bob and Sophie chase birds in the hedgerows. The birds have nothing to fear. 

'The font' is joining me on a trip to see men in dark suits. Bob and Sophie are off to the kennels for a brief 'holiday'. 

And here's the design for the new Norwegian 100 Kroner note. What do you think of the obverse side ?


  1. Will 'the font' also be wearing a dark suit?
    I like the note.
    Cheers, Gail.

  2. A forgotten football. Merlin would feel that Christmas had arrived early.
    I like front of the note. The other side simply looks as if another image is being obscured..I suppose I am old fashioned.

  3. I've heard those footballs can be vicious if you don't keep an eye on them !

    Its hard to call it a 'design' on the note, more of a colour swatch isn't it ?

  4. The Kroner note looks either like a bunch of paint stain samples or one of those Pinterest ideas making a collage of wood veneers. Hope you and the font have a nice getaway, with as little time spent with men in dark suits as possible.

  5. I like the kroner note, front and back, but I like Bob better.

  6. I think you should invite the men in dark suits to visit la France profunde, then they could see that there is far more of import in the world than their concerns. They might enjoy early dog walks and birds.

  7. i think emm above has a wonderful point. maybe it would be could for all the self-important dark suits in the world to take an early walk with you there.
    and... just hoping...
    did you tell the kennels that sweet little sophie has a tendency to eat her food AND her brother's?
    have a safe journey! we'll miss you almost as much as the puppies will.

    1. would be could? would be good. a freudian slip no doubt. for it will NEVER happen... only wishful "could" thinking!