Sunday, October 12, 2014

An error.

The poster for the village fete has an error. The number you are supposed to call to reserve a place at dinner is wrong. Due to a 'misunderstanding'  at the printers two of the digits on the telephone number have been reversed. Voila ! The number of the lady with the Marge Simpson beehive hairdo has been replaced with our main land line. Much of the week has been spent answering the phone and  passing out the correct number. 'These things happen' says the beehive hairdoed lady.


  1. A few years back, our number was one digit out from a radio station in Brighton, we had people phoning and asking if they could be on the radio. Best bit though, we were living in Scotland at the time !

  2. Horrors! Thank goodness it's a small village.

  3. Fortunate for you that Madame Beehive forgot to
    pick up the flyers from the printers until the last
    minute. You might have been taking calls for a

  4. Bob and Sophie look all ready for dinner!!

    How much more can the lady with the Marge Simpson beehive hairdo do wrong before she's replaced?