Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The first Christmas tree.

Can dogs look happy ? If so these two are happy.

The florist has taken up our usual parking space with an impromptu  'seasonal display'. We park round the corner .

By the town hall the very fancy baker has finished his mornings baking or, as he terms it, 'creating'.  M'Ongoose buys an enormous mandarin bombe. 'The font' observes that the bombe is big enough for twelve. " I thought you were going to buy some croissants and a baguette ". Bob and Sophie love the very fancy baker. There again Bob and Sophie love all bakers. They also love fishmongers, butchers and cheese ladies. There is a common denominator in PON love. 

The first Christmas tree appears in the window of the hardware store. 


  1. I'm betting 'the font' was happy to sample the mandarin bombe. After all, she is learning Chinese isn't she?
    Cheers! Gail.

  2. That is the yellowiest of yellows. Was it delicious?

  3. Christmas seems to be bursting out all over here, too.

  4. Oh the cake !!!
    We've had a outbreak of Christmas in our shops as well.
    It'll be Leah's first Christmas with us, can't wait to see what she makes of the tree.

  5. I'm sure Bob and Sophie would love to be part of the 12 that get to enjoy the cake -- I wish I was!

    We've been seeing Christmas trees etc., pop up in places here since Labor Day. It's odd to shop for Halloween and have Santa watching....

  6. I'm baking today. Makes me smile to know the PONS would love me.

  7. Of course the dogs are happy – read Wilhelm Reich on the responses of mammals. And lovely to see all that pink – one of my favourites colours – which goes with everything!
    I hope you will show us a photo of the Mandarin Bombe after it's been sliced. I'd love to see the interior. It's a work of art and mimics – in the best way – the baker's well-rounded tummy. He looks most pleased with his creation.

  8. The bombe is gorgeous! It doesn't matter if it's for 2, 6, or 12, it's beautiful!
    Living where I do, elegant, well executed baked items simply do not exist! If it were mine, I don't know if I could cut it. Might just use it as a visual delight.

  9. Christmas tree at the hardware store....hmmm....yes...when I think Christmas shopping the first thing that comes to mind is the hardware get down their and grab up some good deals on hand tools before they are all gone! I wonder if they have Black Friday deals in France?